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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: June 2019

By integrating other apps and tools with your Pipedrive account, you can streamline your sales workflows, better track your activities, automate tasks and drive more leads into your pipeline.

Here are seven apps that help you to save time and focus on getting more deals across the line.

  1. Invoco
  2. LeadFuze
  3. OptInSight
  4. Ring.io
  5. SalesOptimize
  6. Shuttle
  7. SyncQ
Invoco Logo


Invoco Integration

Invoco is a provider of call tracking and hosted telephony solutions. These solutions integrate with Pipedrive to help telesales teams work more effectively and organizations improve the ROI on their marketing spend.

Invoco combines these features:

  1. Automatic contact and deal creation in Pipedrive for new leads calling in on your sales line.
  2. Creation of an activity for each call with the call’s details as well as a link to the recording.
  3. Real-time screen pop-ups for incoming calls with the name of the caller and a link to their contact record in Pipedrive so you can update their record when answering the call.
  4. Make outgoing calls at the click of a mouse with the Invoco phone system.
  5. Add Wallboards to see how your telesales team are performing.

The Invoco phone system also allows you to capture all of your outgoing calls.

Head to the Marketplace and see if Invoco is right for you.

LeadFuze Logo


LeadFuze Integration

LeadFuze is a lead generation software that allows users to automate the gathering of leads into their sales process. Users who need to access and reach out to their lead lists quickly will benefit the most from using LeadFuze’s app.

In the search tool, you can find qualified leads by entering your preferred industry, roles you’d like to target and company size. Contact details including email and social profiles will be included in the results.

To find the best leads, you can narrow the search further by searching for contacts who are

  • Currently using specific tech (i.e. email marketing, search software)
  • Spending money on paid ads
  • Recently expanded offices
  • Are hiring for certain roles

Once you have the list of leads, LeadFuze allows you to create another for a different market, or begin contacting the original leads through your email outreach software, social media outreach tool and Pipedrive.

Find LeadFuze in the marketplace and try it out for yourself.

OptInSight Logo


OptInsight Integration

OptInsight is a consent (opt-in) management app that follows GDPR regulations and enables users to collect the personal permission preferences of new contacts in Pipedrive.

OptInsight helps you answer the following questions:

  • How do you know what email marketing is relevant for a specific contact?
  • How can this relevance enforce your pipeline?
  • How do you acquire insights into what a specific buyer or influencer needs?

With OptInsight, you can ask them what specific needs they have and collect the responses in a way that provides you with sustainable insights into preferences on an individual level.

You can also ask a specific contact what is relevant for him or her. Contacts can select preferences personally during a visit or event via your Pipedrive app. Or even by connecting a webform via Pipedrive. The tool helps you be fully GDPR compliant, for example with a valid and proven consent (opt-in) displaying a timestamp and evidence.

Once you have permission, you may use the contact’s data to send an email with relevant content aligned to their needs.

Check out OptInsight on the Marketplace.

There is a discount offer for a limited time with this promotion code PROMO2019Q2 (valid until 15th of July 2019). Contact [email protected] with the code for a two-week free trial.

Ring.io Logo


Ring.io Integration

Ring.io is a cloud telephone platform for sales teams that records calls, logs call activities and schedules follow-ups.

Managers can use Ring.io to help everyone in their team to hit their touchpoints, uncover coaching opportunities and provide transparency around calling activities.

Voicemail Drop allows you to leave a great-sounding voicemail and move on to the next call while Ring.io stays on the line with your prospect’s voice mailbox.

Ring.io’s virtual call center platform and cloud phone system has skills-based routing, IVR, support for IP phones, queueing, Live Monitor, and advanced reporting and analytics for call tracking.

See if Ring.io might be right for you on the Marketplace.

SalesOptimize Logo


SalesOptimize Integration

SalesOptimize is a Market Research and Sales Lead Generation company that downloads company information directly into your CRM pipeline. It has a search engine that scans millions of websites every day to find businesses online, which are then converted into sales leads with validated contact information.

SalesOptimize business information including company size, location, whether they are eCommerce enabled, financial overview, contact phone numbers, verified employee email addresses and more.

Lead data is regularly updated based on what’s available on the Internet, giving you up-to-date insights on your potential customers.

Head to the Marketplace and try a SalesOptimize free trial or sign-up for an in-depth demonstration of the platform tailored to each individual user based on their company needs.

Shuttle Logo


Shuttle Integration

Shuttle is a boarding portal that makes it easier to sign-up new customers, create web forms to capture leads from your website and use e-signing to improve conversion rates.

Shuttle syncs with Pipedrive so that when a lead engages through Shuttle all the information you have collected in your initial form is submitted into Pipedrive and you are notified.

Shuttle offers the following features:

  • Web forms
  • Team Sales Management
  • E-signing
  • Forms and document uploads
  • Instant messaging and deadline notifications
  • Audit of all correspondence
  • Feeds from partners such as Equifax and Onfido for KYC

Shuttle has a free starter package and subscriptions for SME and Professional usage. Head to the Pipedrive Marketplace to check them out.

SyncQ Logo


SyncQ Integration

SyncQ is a next generation accounting automation that allows you to keep your Pipedrive data always in sync with QuickBooks Online.

SyncQ allows you to sync:

  • Pipedrive People or Organizations as Customer or Vendor
  • Pipedrive Products as QuickBooks Products
  • Deals and deal products as Estimate/Invoice/Bills and more
  • Two-way instant sync
  • Both manual and automated sync
  • Configurable mapping to adopt unique business requirements
  • Multiple QuickBooks Companies, Multi-currency support, tax, VAT

From any Pipedrive record, click on the SyncQ extension button and a record preview is then presented. Depending on the sync requirement, click the sync button and all data gets updated instantly. You can also import all existing QuickBooks records as well as auto sync from QuickBooks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to link Pipedrive to QuickBooks through SyncQ in the Marketplace.

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