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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: June 2021

Four new Pipedrive integrations to help you sync marketing and sales, automate your legal process, stay on top of contact information during calls and search for contacts online.

  1. HubSpot


  3. Acefone

  4. Seamless.ai

1. HubSpot

Connect Pipedrive and HubSpot to the rest of your tech stack with this two-way data sync that unites all of your customer data in one integrated platform.

As businesses grow, so does complexity. Teams get their own tools, data gets siloed, disconnect ensues and your customers suffer.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s integration with HubSpot, your apps and data can be synced in an easy, no-code package. Get bidirectional sync, custom field mappings, filtering and historical syncing, ensuring that customer data is always consistent and up to date.


Draft and e-sign legally compliant sales contracts in minutes, without legal review slowing you down.

AXDRAFT enables every sales team member to draft and negotiate sales contracts in minutes, without legal review, by following a pre-approved legal playbook.

Thanks to the automated template creation your legal team can be happy with every sales contract created through the system, without needing to take a look at each one.

Pipedrive users can create new contracts with AXDRAFT in 4 simple steps:

  1. Open a deal in Pipedrive.

  2. Click draft in AXDRAFT.

  3. Answer a few simple questions.

  4. Send for signature.

AXDRAFT covers the entire contract lifecycle, including dynamic document drafting, collaboration, approval, negotiation playbooks, e-sign, storage and analytics.

You can pick the necessary features and have all data flow seamlessly from your Pipedrive deal page into every legal document created for the customer, eliminating mistakes and reducing time to close.

Empower your sales team to draft documents that help your business grow.

3. Acefone

Acefone is a UK-based cloud service provider of customisable, reliable and scalable VoIP solutions. With numerous business-friendly features and 24x7 support, it offers everything you need to streamline your communications.

Get the Acefone-Pipedrive integration to unlock better productivity for your teams. Make calls with a single click, manage leads, monitor calls, augment support and unify all your tools on a single platform.

Once you enable the Chrome extension, the click-to-call button is right next to the customer’s phone number. The app also automatically saves all your new leads so you can focus on more important tasks.

4. Seamless.AI

Seamless.AI is a real-time web-based search engine that helps users quickly and easily create a list of contacts to build a pipeline and shorten their sales cycle.

The app’s capabilities include:

  • Real-time data verification with searches using role, seniority, title, company, name, or keyword

  • A company search feature where you can build B2B account lists using filters like industry, employee count, revenue, technographics and more

Users can instantly gather prospect contact information and sync it directly with Pipedrive increasing productivity by eliminating manual data entry.

Seamless.AI can help you keep your email contacts up to date and prepare sales pitches with customized insights so you can lead conversations with prospects.

The app also allows you to set goals in order to encourage higher team and individual performance. You can also use the powerful Seamless.AI chrome extension to search from any website or B2B social network at any time to get the contacts you need on demand.

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