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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: May 2021

There are hundreds of apps that can integrate with Pipedrive to automate and improve your processes. Here are four that you can find in our Marketplace.

  1. App connector by Outfunnel
  2. Turbocharger
  3. SegMetrics
  4. Dreamdata

App connector by Outfunnel

Outfunnel is one of the top-rated marketing automation apps in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Now, Outfunnel has launched the App connector that lets you connect any marketing tool to Pipedrive, quickly and easily.

Here’s what you can do with the App connector:

  • Keep sales and marketing contacts in sync 24/7. Set up your campaigns once and they will run automatically based on data changes in Pipedrive
  • Automatically share marketing data with sales. All marketing engagement data (email opens and clicks, new leads etc.) gets recorded in your CRM, so sales has full context and can sell smarter

Currently works with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Elementor forms and Wix forms. Coming soon: Contact Form 7, LinkedIn Ads and more.



Turbocharger tracks your Pipedrive contacts for up to 365 days after a sales or marketing communication. When a contact returns to your website, even days or months later, your sales team is notified to help them close more deals. Here’s what else you can do:

  • See a complete timeline of everything each contact has looked at on your website
  • Pinpoint contacts the moment they become interested, no matter the length of your sales cycle
  • Increase productivity by focusing on your most interested contacts
  • Close more deals every month

Start your free 30-day trial today and check out Turbocharger in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Segmetrics pipedrive


SegMetrics is a lead attribution tool that combines data from Pipedrive and all the marketing tools you already use to create a single, holistic view of your entire customer journey. Get 100% clarity on where your leads come from, how they act, and how much your marketing is really worth.

SegMetrics helps you improve the ROI of your Marketing Funnels to:

  • Understand how each touchpoint in your marketing increases or decreases the value of your leads
  • Combine touchpoints and lead sources to understand which traffic sources are the most valuable, and track revenue through the entire lifetime of the customer—even years later
  • Get actionable insights without any coding, spreadsheet exporting, or pivot table

SegMetrics is made specifically for marketers so there's no complicated setup, no custom coding, and most people get up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

Together with Pipedrive, SegMetrics gets you clarity on where your leads come from, how they act, and how much your marketing is really worth.

dream data pipedrive integration


Dreamdata is a B2B revenue attribution platform helping small to midsize B2B companies build, repeat and scale success.

The tool brings together all relevant data by introducing a smart on-site behavioral tracking script and integrating with Pipedrive, as well as your ads, automations and customer success tools.

The algorithms in the no-code platform then join, clean and sort this data before transforming it into easy-to-digest, actionable insights. Enabling B2B growth leaders to:

  • Build complete B2B customer journeys and gain unprecedented insight into every touch of every customer journey, from anonymous visitor to paying customer
  • Find value through multi-touch revenue attribution, revealing the revenue-generating performance of activities across the pipeline, channels and campaigns
  • Benchmark growth and predict revenue through accurate and interactive reporting on marketing, sales and customer success activities

Get started with Dreamdata through Pipedrive’s Marketplace and take control of all your revenue activities under one roof.

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