Our List Views Just Got a Complete Overhaul

New list views

In our continued quest to make Pipedrive easier to use, we’ve improved our list views. We've had numerous reports from users related to slow rendering and loading speeds of lists. Some users have also experienced broken tables, weird row jumps, rows too long to fit the display area and more. So we set out to make a big impact on the performance of list views in this latest upgrade.

So what has changed?

Here is what we’ve done to help you stay organized with your sales.

Improved data presentation means:

  • Long column names and long text data in cells no longer distort the entire page (see image below) but are cut off with ellipses
  • You can view and edit full text by hovering over it
  • You can resize column widths to your specifications

Sorting of all columns - The columns can be individually custom sorted, giving you more control.

List view - before4
List view - after gif


Watch this great tutorial video for more detail on the list views and bulk editing.

How do I get it?

There’s no need to do anything on your part. We will roll out these changes to all users automatically over the next few days.

We hope you’ll enjoy these enhancements as part of our commitment to making Pipedrive the simplest and easiest CRM platform.

Happy closing!