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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates in 2020

2020 was a momentous year. Like many companies around the world, our team at Pipedrive had to react to the impact of the global pandemic. We pivoted our strategies to give our customers the best fighting chance possible to sell their product and grow as professionals during a difficult year.

In this article and video, we run through all the key Pipedrive changes, updates, new feature launches and add-ons we brought to you in 2020.

What’s changed for all Pipedrive users

In 2020, we made a number of updates and improvements to Pipedrive that all our users can benefit from, as well as launching some new features:

A new user interface

One of the biggest changes we made to Pipedrive last year was updating our user interface (UI). We moved the main menu from the top to the left side of your screen, freeing up room along the top for the new search bar, Sales Assistant and your account settings.

We also made it easier to navigate to frequently used features and added a new “add” button to the top, so you could create new items like deals and contacts from anywhere.

Read about all the changes in our blog article on the new UI.

Introducing Insights

We moved tools that were previously available in Reports to our new Insights feature, which fully replaced our old Reports and Goals by the end of 2020.

The Insights feature is far more customizable than Reports, allowing you to view and segment your data to suit your business’s needs.

Set up Zoom meetings in Pipedrive

We’ve added a new Zoom integration to Pipedrive, so that users can schedule, start and manage Zoom calls from Pipedrive in order to get sales context during calls and to save time switching between tools.

Read more about the Zoom integration in our article.

Other updates

We’ve also made it possible for all our users to add images to their notes and apply color-coded labels to their deals.

New powerful add-ons and features to capture leads

Last year, we launched a whole toolset of features and add-ons to help you capture, nurture and convert high-quality leads.


Originally just a chatbot, we added Live Chat and Prospector to the LeadBooster add-on, as well as a new, improved Web Forms feature.

  • Prospector: Find outbound leads from a database of 400 million profiles and 10 million companies based on your ideal customer profile. Use credits to reveal verified emails, direct phone numbers and social profiles of your most desired matches.
  • Chatbot: Automatically engage with people on your website and save qualified visitors as leads. Easily customize the look of your Chatbot, the questions it asks and how it replies.
  • Live Chat: Get notified when a human connection is needed. Available reps can seamlessly take over conversations started by a Chatbot from anywhere, including their mobile device.
  • Web Forms: Give your inbound leads an easy and reliable way to share their contact information with you. Share or embed highly customizable and easy-to-build forms on your website and let the leads roll in.

Use Live Chat to connect your sales reps with website visitors from anywhere (including their mobile devices), or let your Chatbot and Web Forms engage and qualify leads automatically 24/7. If you want to find leads beyond your website, Prospector will help you find your next business opportunity, safe in the knowledge that you’re following personal data regulations.

Find out more about LeadBooster in our article.

Leads Inbox

We knew that with all the great leads you were generating, you would need a place to put them, which is why we created the Leads Inbox feature.

With Leads Inbox, you can upload and store any leads who aren’t at a stage in your sales pipeline. Leads can also automatically flow into your Leads Inbox from our Chatbot, Live Chat or Web Forms, all part of the LeadBooster add-on. All you have to do is set up the save location of your Chatbot, Live Chat or Web Forms playbook as “Leads” and every new lead the tool finds will go straight to your Leads Inbox.

Read our article for more on the Leads Inbox.

Web Visitors

As well as LeadBooster, we also launched the Web Visitors add-on, which enables you to uncover previously anonymized information about the organizations visiting your site, including how they found you, what they engaged with and how long they stayed.

Web Visitors will automatically rank organizations based on their web activity. You can then use these insights to optimize your site’s content and tailor your outreach to new leads or existing customers, anticipating their needs before you even make contact.

Read more about Web Visitors in our article.

New features available to our Advanced users

For users on our Advanced plan and above, we’ve introduced a number of new features and improvements. Here are three key ones.

Sales Docs

Sales Docs enables users to send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from Pipedrive. You can sync Sales Docs with leading cloud storage service platforms on the market, including Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint.

The feature gives users the ability to create templates that automatically pull in Pipedrive fields data, cutting down on manual work. You will also be notified when your sales documents are opened so you can follow up and close deals faster.

An improved Products catalog system

Now, you can create a catalog of the Products you sell using custom fields, which can then be applied to your deals.

You can apply discounts, variations and even multiple currencies as you attach products to deals.

Then, as deals are won or lost, you can look back on each product’s performance using the new Insights feature, mentioned above.

Recurring Revenue

Now, you can flexibly manage one-off and repeat business with no constraints.

With Recurring Revenue, you can set up repeat or subscription payment streams when creating new deals, allowing you to provide a better service to the customers making recurring payments.

Recurring revenue also syncs up with many of Pipedrive’s other great features. For example, with Insights users can:

  • Get customizable revenue reports that are joined up with their live sales data
  • View the growth in new or canceled recurring revenue payments
  • Foresee deal, team and client revenue to report cashflow with confidence and readjust strategy if necessary

Check out the Recurring Revenue feature in our launch article.

Updates we made to the Professional and Enterprise plans

Here are key changes we’ve made to the Pipedrive experience for our users on the top two plans.


Since the launch of Sales Docs, we’ve also added eSignatures so you don’t have to print and scan documents to record signatures, meaning less time wasted and fewer copies to keep track of.

Check out our article on eSignatures on our blog.

Security Center

In 2020, we created the Security Center, which enables you to monitor and manage all your company’s Pipedrive security from one place. It combines all of our security access, alert and data features, including:

  • Security dashboard: Monitor how, where, when and who accesses your company data and deal with any suspect user and account activities when they occur.
  • User access and device logs: Get notified about the times and locations of user logins over the last 60 days. Identify and pinpoint suspicious devices to protect your data.
  • Rules and alerts: Automate and enforce secure practices by setting custom rules, such as allowing IPs or setting time-restricted access.
  • Security management tips: We provide you with guidance on how to safeguard against vulnerabilities, guide user behavior and tackle security alerts based on your user settings.
  • Email notifications and monthly updates: We’ve also given you the option to receive an email notification when there is any suspicious activity on your company account.

Check out the Security Center in our article.

Required fields

To help you maintain your data integrity and quality, we added required fields. Admin users can now mark specific data fields as required before a deal is created, moved into a specific stage, or has its status changed, for example.

Updates to Insights

As previously mentioned, our new Insights feature was launched in 2020. Over the year, we added the following:

  • Custom fields: Now you can view and segment your data by the custom fields you create, giving you more flexibility to create a comprehensive report.
  • Revenue growth reports: Linked to the Recurring Revenue feature, this enables you to monitor the changes made to your subscriptions over time.
  • Revenue forecast reports: You can summarize and create graphs showing your predicted revenue using the open and won deals in your pipelines, as well as the expected close date field.
  • Team Insights: If you’re using the team-feature on the Professional plan, you can view and segment your Insights reports by team.
  • Team Goals: Managers can easily set, monitor and update their team’s goals—before, only admins had this access.

Other Pipedrive highlights in 2020

Here are some of the other key highlights in 2020:

  • We bought Mailigen and created Syncbot so you can integrate Pipedrive with the email marketing platform
  • We launched Community, a new forum for sales and marketing professionals to connect
  • Pipedrive is now available in Swedish and Taiwanese
  • We hit 700 employees and to celebrate we partnered with One Tree Planted to get 700 new trees planted in the Amazon rainforest
  • We did a series of Webinars with sales professionals and influencers, which you can find in our Academy
  • We launched our State of Sales Report, which contains dozens of statistical insights into the working lives of salespeople, sales managers and business owners who manage sales organizations

Vista Equity Partners investment

Last, but by no means least, Pipedrive received a major investment from Vista Equity Partners, a leading investment firm that specializes in partnering with growing companies like us. Thanks to this $1.5 Billion valuation and partnership we’ll be able to bring you the improvements you need faster.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to all your support in 2020 and here’s to a great 2021!

This article was published on January 6, 2021. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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