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In Case You Missed It... Pipedrive Updates January - May 2020

Watch the video or read the article about all our important product, feature and company updates from the first four months of the year, as well as links to where you can find out more.

Pipedrive has acquired Mailigen (Watch this space…)

We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired Mailigen, a company that has been specializing in email marketing automation and lead nurturing for 9 years.

We’re currently working hard on integrating Pipedrive and Mailigen so that we can come to the market with a new, high-value offering for customers.

You can find out more in our newsroom, here: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/newsroom/sales-crm-pipedrive-acquires-mailigen-provider-of-email-marketing-automation

Join our Community

We’ve also launched The Community: A new forum where both amateur and professional sales and marketing people can connect, share what they’ve learned and discover new ways to improve and develop themselves.

Community is an open forum where anyone from around the world can post about sales and marketing. To join, all you have to do is sign-up and log in. You don’t even have to be a Pipedrive user—anyone can set up a profile and start scrolling and posting in minutes.

You can join the Community and start engaging with other professionals and Pipedrive users here: https://community.pipedrive.com

Share and Celebrate your Results with Insights

The Insights feature is available in beta for all of our pricing plans, including new pre-made report types for pipeline performance insights like conversion, velocity, and progress reports (more reports including goal and activity insights will be added in the upcoming months). Additionally, users on our Professional plan can customize their reports further using their own custom fields.

Insights enables you to share a dashboard visualizing your chosen reports with colleagues, managers and even clients—even if they don’t have a Pipedrive account. You can also display your results on a monitor in your office to encourage competition and help everyone track progress towards your goals.

These customizable dashboards will update in real-time, as the data is updated in your Pipedrive account, allowing you and other parties to be informed and agile. On our Professional plan, you can create multiple dashboards, meaning you can have a dedicated dashboard for specific user groups, such as regional sales teams or office locations.

You can create more than one sharable link for each dashboard you have. So, for example, you could share one link with your manager so they can access your results at any time, and another with an investor for a quarterly review. When you’ve completed the quarterly review, you could delete the link giving the investor access, without revoking your manager’s access.

To find out more…

Also available to all our users

Pipedrive is now available in Swedish

Pipedrive now fully supports the Swedish language!

Settings and Products have a new look and feel

You may have noticed our Products view and Settings page both have a new look and feel, making them cleaner, less busy, and easier to use and read.

Gain more control over your team’s custom fields

Do you work with custom fields a lot? Pipedrive Admins can now restrict other users from creating, editing, or deleting custom fields.

Insert images into Pipedrive notes

All users now have the option to insert images into their notes, thanks to a new button.

Add labels to your deals

You can now apply as many labels to your deals as you want, with customizable colors available for your labels.

You’ll not only see them in your Pipeline and List views, but you can filter your deals according to one or any combination of labels.

Available on our higher plans

Keep track of recurring payments with the Recurring Revenue Feature

Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise users can now set up recurring revenue streams when setting up their deals, allowing you to monitor all subscriptions and repeat payments and provide better service to the customers making them. Now you can flexibly manage one-off and repeat business with no constraints.

We know that many of our customers have products that, like Pipedrive and other SaaS products, are based on a tiered subscription model.

That’s why we’ve created the recurring revenue feature, which enables you to set recurring customer payment amounts for less manual work later. The feature also provides you with visibility of all your recurring payments so that you can understand how that vital KPI, your monthly recurring revenue, is performing.

These recurring revenue configurations can be applied to open, won, or lost deals—because you can also mark a subscription as canceled. You can access the Subscription report, where you can see all new revenue actively coming in.

If you’re a Professional plan user, you also get a Revenue Growth report, which will also track your churn, contraction, expansion and net growth metrics.

Read more about making the most of Recurring Revenue here: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/blog/recurring-revenue.

Security Center is now available to Professional and Enterprise Admin users

Keep an eye on company data and security in one easy-to-use, visual dashboard with Pipedrive’s new Security Center, now available to Professional and Enterprise Admin users.

Your lead and customer data are among your most valuable business assets. We know how important it is for Pipedrive admins to know how and when the data in their company’s Pipedrive account is accessed, not to mention who is accessing it.

We also know that this information often needs to be accessed quickly and easily, to prevent potential security breaches or mitigate the impact that a breach could have.

You can also set up email alerts related to your account access and data integrity. For example, you can choose to get notified if there are three consecutive failed login attempts on the same user account, or if a user in your account deletes or exports data in bulk. You can view and filter all of these alerts in the Audit Log section found inside your Security Dashboard.

Additionally, you can now enable account-wide rules that help you further enhance security. For example, you can enforce two-factor authentication login for everybody and even specify an exact IP address from which your users can access their accounts.

Read more about Security Center here: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/blog/security-center-announcement.

Chatbot custom fields

You may or may not know about our special lead generation and qualification tool LeadBooster, where you can set up multiple chatbots to capture and qualify web visitors automatically.

Now you can utilize custom fields when creating your Chatbot flows so that your leads tell you their story in greater detail.

Find out more about LeadBooster’s features, including Chatbot, here: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/blog/leadbooster

This article was published on May, 5, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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