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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates July 2021

In July’s Pipedrive updates article, we reveal three new exciting Pipedrive integrations and our updates to workflow automations, Insights and notifications.

Choose which notifications you receive

All notifications are now centralized in one place and you can customize Pipedrive to choose which ones you see. There are new options of @mentions, @comments and ‘Assigned to you’.

You can find your notifications in the Sales Assistant tab (the lightbulb at the top right of your Pipedrive view). You can also find them in your user profile.

If you want to focus on a task or have a busy day ahead, you can also switch Sales Assistant off completely or mute them for a day.

Meanwhile, real-time email notifications about things you are following have been replaced by hourly emails to your inbox.

Workflow automations update

You can now create a workflow with sequences of automated actions based on a single trigger and add custom due dates to activities. We’ve also updated our easy-to-use workflow builder to enable you to stay on top of your sales pipeline and understand what is being set up.

You can set up the actions in these sequences in any order you like and there’s even the ability to add custom due dates to activities if you want an activity to be planned a set number of days after a trigger.

To help you get started with the updated workflow automation feature, we’ve created an intuitive workflow builder where it’s easy to understand what is being set up and you are always in control.

There are also some templates for common workflows if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Find out more on our workflow automation page.

Set up rolling date filters in Insights

You don’t need to manually update time period filters in Insights any more. Now, you can create rolling date filters and date filters for future periods, reducing manual work.

For example, you can set up a filter to show deals that were won during the last seven days. After setting up the filter, you’ll automatically see results from the last seven days every time you visit the Insights tab.

The new date filters are available in the report details view as well as for dashboards.

Updated integrations with Google Meet, QuickBooks and Xero

We’ve created a new integration with video conference tool Google Meet and updated the integrations with accounting platforms QuickBooks and Xero.

Our users could already set up and schedule video calls from inside Pipedrive on Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but now they can do the same on Google Meet. If you’ve set up the integration, you should be able to select Google Meet from a dropdown in our Scheduler feature.

Pipedrive users are also now able to create and manage invoice lifecycles in Pipedrive thanks to our QuickBooks and Xero integrations.

If you have one of the integrations set up, you will find a new ‘Invoice’ tab in the deal details view where you can create invoices for your contacts.

Find the Google Meet, QuickBooks and Xero integrations, and hundreds more, in our Marketplace.

This article was published on July 27, 2021. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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