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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates November 2020

What’s changed in the last month? Advanced, Professional and Enterprise users can access Products data in Insights, the Web Visitors add-on is live, video calling is available thanks to our Zoom integration, it’s easier to top up on Prospector and Web Visitor credits in the Leads section of Pipedrive and Pipedrive is now available in traditional Chinese.

Revenue Forecast Reporting has been added to Insights and Products have been added to Deal Reports in Insights

We’ve made two changes to Pipedrive Insights this month to make your dashboards and reports even more powerful.

  • Revenue forecast reporting is now in Insights
  • It’s now possible to filter and view results by Products added to the deals in your Deal Reports

If you’re an Advanced, Professional or Enterprise user, you can now do things like filter Deal performance reports by Product, view and segment results by Product, and measure results by Product value and number.

Read more about these updates to Insights in our article.

Find out what organizations your website visitors are from

Our new Web Visitors add-on uncovers previously anonymized information about the organizations visiting your site, including how they found you, what they engaged with and how long they stayed.

You can then use these insights to optimize your site’s content and tailor your outreach to new leads or existing customers, anticipating their needs before you even make contact.

Read more about Web Visitors in our announcement post.

The Prospector and Web Visitor credit top-up process has been simplified in our Leads section

We’ve made it much easier to top up your Prospector and Web Visitor credits in the Leads section of Pipedrive.

Now, whenever you’re running low on credits you can simply purchase more from Pipedrive itself.

Keep in mind you can only top up more credits when you’re running low on credit.

Make video calls with the seamless Zoom integration

Video calling is now available for all users through the Zoom integration, available on the Pipedrive Marketplace. You can easily attach meeting information to your activities in Pipedrive and sync Pipedrive to your calendar of choice to keep track of these activities there as well.

Pipedrive is now available in traditional Chinese

You can now use Pipedrive in traditional Chinese, as we look to offer Pipedrive in more Asian markets.

This article was published on November 3, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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