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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates September 2020

Read the article to find out about how we’ve changed Pipedrive this month, including the new navigation, the new Sales Docs feature, improvements we’ve made to required fields and more.

Pipedrive’s new navigation

To keep everything easy to find, we’re giving you a better navigation experience.

For 10 years, we’ve asked our customers about how they work, what they need and how Pipedrive serves them. Their answers have helped us build a whole box of tools for companies in many industries and of all sizes, from startup to enterprise.

The trick to building a robust toolbox is keeping it organized so you can discover what you’re looking for quickly and easily. To make Pipedrive your tidy yet power-packed sales toolbox, we’re rolling out improvements to the navigation experience in the Pipedrive web app so you can easily access the feature you need when you need it.

With the new navigation, you can:

  • See tools and features laid out in the way you use them
  • Discover more features, now fewer clicks away
  • Search quickly with a search bar at the top and center of the screen
  • Quickly add new items like deals and contacts from anywhere
  • Access your account and user settings in their own dedicated spot

What’s changed?

The main menu has moved to the left side of your screen, freeing up space along the top for the new more visible and convenient search bar and quick add button, as well as Sales Assistant and your account settings. The quick add button means you now have the power to schedule Activities and add Deals, Contacts or Products from anywhere.

When you click on certain items in the main menu a detailed secondary menu expands to show you more.

The menu, like a sales funnel, has your Leads Inbox at the top. Beneath are frequently used features like email, contacts, calendar and Insights. You can collapse or expand your sub-menu to consolidate on space whenever you need to.

All other features you might use less often are nestled below under “More”.

Find out more about the new navigation in our article.

Introducing Sales Docs

Now, if you’re on the Advanced, Professional or Enterprise plans, you can send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from Pipedrive with our new powerful feature Sales Docs (Unlimited documents and full feature set is provided in “Beta” and may be subjected to change upon full release).

We know that the process of creating and sending quotes, contracts, sales proposals and other sales documents is time-consuming and repetitive—not to mention waiting for them to come back, not knowing if your prospect has read them or what they think.

That’s why we’ve created Sales Docs, which is currently in Beta, so Pipedrive users can simplify their process, know when recipients have interacted with their documents. make necessary changes quickly and strike when the deal is hot.

What sales documents can I create?

Sales Docs syncs your Pipedrive account with your Google account, so you can create templates in Google Drive which are then populated with any Pipedrive fields that you select, including custom fields. So, essentially, as long as you can create a sales document in Google Drive, you can create it in Sales Docs.

We’ll be adding the ability to sync Pipedrive with OneDrive soon.

Here is a list of the key benefits of Sales Docs:

  • You can set up sales document templates to include any Pipedrive fields, including custom fields, enabling you to send quotes faster with less effort and reducing the chance of errors being made
  • Create quote tables within your documents that automatically pull in product information related to the deal
  • Store quotes, proposals and contracts in Google Drive where they’re easy to find and track them against deals in Pipedrive or your chosen storage drive to check if their effective and make improvements if not
  • Share new links with recipients when you update documents so you’re always on the same page
  • Get notified about document views so you know when prospects are keen and can strike when they are ready to make a decision

What do I get with Sales Docs?

Sales Docs currently has two features (but we’ll be adding more soon):

  • Autofilling. Syncs Pipedrive with Google Docs so your Pipedrive fields information is pulled in automatically
  • Alerts. Notifications alerting you when your documents are opened and viewed

Check out our Sales Docs article to find out more.

Improvements we’ve made to the required fields feature

Admin user can now go to “Data Fields” in “Settings” and mark a field to be required only when a deal is marked as lost, or completely different fields to be required if the deal is marked as won.

For example, say you want to know what industry an organization is in before marking as lost so you can better understand which industries are taking up more of your time and not converting.

On the other hand, what if you want to be positive that a new customer’s industry is documented for reporting purposes? Now you can, thanks to this improvement.

Pipedrive rated as one of the world’s top three CRMs

We’re very proud to announce that Pipedrive has been rated as one of the top three CRMs in the world by both Capterra and U.S. News & World Report.

They recognized Pipedrive for its array of lead management, automation, communication tracking and reporting tools that help businesses to manage revenue growth and sales performance—not to mention how easy Pipedrive is to use.

Keep an eye on our blog and the “What’s planned” section of our Community to learn about more new features.

This article was published on September 2, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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