Introducing App Extensions: Access Your Apps From Inside Pipedrive

Minimizing manual and repetitive tasks means more time to focus on what really matters: selling.

We’re excited to announce the launch of App Extensions to help you and your team shave more annoying administrative time out of your workload.

App Extensions give you access to your key apps’ functionality from right inside Pipedrive. 

Check out this quick overview video to see the new functionality in action

How do App Extensions save your team time?

You won’t need to manually open new tabs and navigate to specific places to enter information. Using App Extensions, it’s all done with just one or two clicks!

This makes it so much easier for you to quickly kick off the next step in your work.

Using one of our Lead Generation integrations like Klenty? Now you can add CRM contacts straight into a Klenty SMS campaign directly from your Pipedrive menu.

App Extensions can be accessed by clicking on the ‘More options’ icon at the top right of the Pipedrive dashboard (the little three dots icon you see in the clip above). You’ll find this within the Deal, Person, Organisation, Action or Product views, with the new menu items appearing as the last lines of the drop down.

The Pipedrive apps that have just got more powerful.

App Extensions are available now for users of Textline, Asana, Klenty, GetAccept and Salesmsg. And the list of apps using them is growing rapidly.

Here are some examples of how you can use App Extensions in Pipedrive:

  • Textline users can now select a customer and, using the extension, send a message from Textline with fewer clicks and no re-keying of the customer’s details
  • Asana users can start creating a new project or task in Asana with prefilled data
  • Klenty users can add Pipedrive contacts to email drip campaigns
  • GetAccept users can create a new document with a prospect's data auto-filled
  • Salesmsg users can start an SMS conversation with their leads

Check out these Extension-enabled apps in the Marketplace.

Pipedrive Marketplace

If you haven’t checked out the Marketplace in a while, how about taking a look?

The Marketplace is your supermarket stacked full of helpful apps and integrations to expand the capabilities of your Pipedrive account.

You can install apps from a collection of 15 categories including Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Phone Solutions and Accounting & Invoicing.

Save the time you waste patching data together and unite all of your tools into your one centralized Pipedrive hub.

Find your favorites apps now in our growing catalog, or discover new apps to streamline your sales process and spend even more time on the most important part of your day - selling!

Introducing App Extensions: Access Your Apps From Inside Pipedrive
Introducing App Extensions: Access Your Apps From Inside Pipedrive