Product Update: Related Organizations, List View Improvements and More

If "the devil is in the details," our product just got a lot more evil-spirited. This week we’ve released four improvements that make Pipedrive better in small but important ways.

This video pretty much summed it up, here’s a quick text overview too.

Define related organizations in Pipedrive. This update is handy if you’d like to know what other deals are in the pipeline within the same group of companies. It'll also be useful if you’d like to make sure they are all handled by the same rep on your side.

Easily find and manage email/file attachments in Pipedrive. Pipedrive now displays email attachments alongside the email they had been sent with as well as in the "Files" section of a particular deal, organization or contact. You can also add descriptions to files to make it easier to understand the sometimes cryptic file names.

Save lots of clicks when using our List View. You can now select multiple rows in List View when you click and drag your mouse along the checkbox column, or when you hold Shift key down and click the rows you want to select. You can also initiate an email to any contact in the List View by clicking on their email address  (which just between us, is what it should have done from the start).

Customize the sidebar of Deal, Person and Organization pages. It’s now super easy for admins to reorder, hide or add sections they want to be visible for the whole organization.

Happy closing.