Pipedrive Sales Quiz: March 2020


Want to hone your sales knowledge and stay sharp while you are remote working? Take our monthly quiz to test your knowledge of sales terms and techniques. Or share with your colleagues to see how much they know.

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What’s the difference between a solicited and an unsolicited sales proposal?

  1. A solicited sales proposal is sent by a lawyer
  2. A solicited sales proposal contains an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
  3. A solicited sales proposal has been requested by the prospect
  4. A solicited sales proposal is sent to someone you know
  5. Solicited sales proposals are longer than unsolicited sales proposals

Which of the following won’t help your cold email get a response?

  1. Adding plenty of links and attachments
  2. Showing your appreciation with a ‘Thanks’ at the end
  3. Researching the recipient before writing the email
  4. Personalization

What does USP stand for?

  1. Under-Selling Problems
  2. Uniform Sales Proposal
  3. Undervalued Salesperson
  4. Unique Selling Point

What should you say first when you hear the objection “could you send me an email?” on a cold call?

  1. “Sure, what is your email address?”
  2. “Who am I talking to?”
  3. “Actually, what I have to say is better said over the phone”
  4. “Absolutely, I just want to ask one question to make sure I’m sending you the right information”

What does SQL stand for?

  1. Sales Qualified Lead
  2. Small Quantity Lead
  3. Status Qualified Lead
  4. Simple Quality Lead

If you hear the objection “I need to talk to the team and get back to you” after a sales presentation, which of the following do you need to do?

  1. Find out who the other decision-makers are
  2. Make sure you have persuaded the prospects who attended the presentation
  3. Set up another presentation with the other decision-makers
  4. Find out what was wrong with the presentation

Which of the following best describes an opportunity stage sales forecasting method?

  1. Forecasting sales based on your previous sales results
  2. Using the length of your sales cycle to forecast future revenue
  3. Forecasting sales based on how likely every deal in your pipeline is to close
  4. Forecasting sales based on the opportunities you see in the market
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