8 sales territory management tools to evaluate in 2024

Sales Territory Management Tools
Why use sales territory management tools for sales mapping
8 best sales territory management tools for 2024
1For a comprehensive sales solution: Pipedrive
2For speedy route planning: Badger Maps
3For granular field organization: SPOTIO
4For global teams: Maptive
5For planning new territories: Maptitude
6For unique territory design: AlignMix
7For powerful heat mapping: eSpatial
8For mapping from a spreadsheet: Mapline
How to choose the best sales territory mapping software
Final thoughts

Territory mapping software has become a standard in sales. It helps field sales teams plan their routes, keep in touch with potential customers and assign accounts to the right sales reps.

Switching from a manual approach, like a spreadsheet or a whiteboard, to sales territory mapping software means you need to choose a suitable tool for your sales operation. This may seem daunting, but our State of Sales report found that sales reps who use automation tools are more likely to reach their annual sales targets by 14 percentage points.

Moving to a tool that can automate much of your field sales operations is worth your time.

In this article, we’ll share all the benefits of sales territory management software and provide guidance to choose the best one for your business.

Why use sales territory management tools for sales mapping

Whether you’re selling in new territories or your team is growing, sales territory management software will help reps sell more efficiently in many ways.

Territory management tools are popular in industries like real estate and delivery companies, but they’re also incredibly helpful for mapping field sales activities.

Most sales territory management software allows you to:

  • Clearly see each sales rep’s territory with various visualizations

  • Ensure areas are distributed evenly across reps and teams

  • Divide large areas into regions

  • Plan routes for in-person meetings

  • Determine the profitability of each area with data visualizations

A clear picture of your market coverage lowers your risk of missed opportunities. You can strategically assign areas, easily modify activities and log prospect interactions on the go.

This is much more difficult to accomplish, or at least more time-consuming, when your territory strategy is isolated in a local system.

Sales territory mapping software also increases your operational efficiency and frees up time for more prospect interaction.

The best sales territory management tools connect with other platforms, such as video calling and lead generation tools, so you can manage your entire sales process in one place.

Some tools will offer advanced insights into your team’s sales activities, so you can double down on profitable areas and fix issues in low-performing areas.

With cloud-based mapping tools, sales reps can access and collaborate on the same map in real time from any location or device. This way, your team will spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time focusing on generating business revenue.

Key takeaways from this sales territory management tools article

Sales territory mapping software help sales teams plan routes, assign accounts, visualize territories and increase operational efficiency, especially useful for industries like real estate and delivery companies.

Benefits of sales territory management software: They offer features like route planning, data visualizations, real-time access and collaboration, helping sales teams sell more efficiently and manage territories better.

How Pipedrive can help: Pipedrive is a comprehensive sales CRM with Google Maps integration, customizable pipelines, detailed reports and numerous integrations. Suitable for all team sizes. Try Pipedrive free for 14 days

8 best sales territory management tools for 2024

No matter your company size, you need the right sales tool to reach revenue goals. Here are eight of the best sales territory management software to consider adding to your toolkit.

1. For a comprehensive sales solution: Pipedrive

Pipedrive Sales Territory Management Tools

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for sales and marketing teams. Its CRM features allow you to visualize your entire sales process, customize your pipeline using templates and easily collaborate with your team on every deal.

The platform lets you easily manage your leads, personalize every touchpoint and access detailed reports to evaluate your sales performance. Pipedrive is also great for international teams and is used in almost 180 countries by over 100,000 companies.

Every Pipedrive account is equipped with Google Maps, so you can use the “Show on map” feature to see any prospect’s business location and filter by given criteria.

Furthermore, integrating with Mapsly couples the power of Pipedrive’s CRM, marketing automation and sales data with a real-time sales territory solution.

View and edit interactive maps and sync them to Pipedrive, optimize daily routes for your sales team, track the history of movements, auto-assign territories to your sales reps and draw maps based on zip codes.


Why include Pipedrive and Mapsly in your sales territory management tool stack?

2. For speedy route planning: Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a route and territory planning tool for field sales teams. It allows you to assess drive time, reassign accounts to your sales reps with ease and use colors and filters to manage your upselling opportunities.

Visualize your sales territory to quickly assess opportunities and prioritize prospect meetings for the day. Use filters to manage your calendar and find potential drop-in opportunities if a meeting gets canceled so reps can make the best use of their free time at the last minute.

Access interactive training, quickly learn the ropes and start using the app like a pro. This app is available for desktop, iOS and Android devices.

Why include Badger Maps in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • Automatically log your calls and other activities, update records and save notes

  • Get personalized onboarding and training

  • Custom check-in features for sales leaders to collect data from field sales representatives

  • Suitable for large teams and individual field sales reps

  • Integrates with top CRMs, like Pipedrive

3. For granular field organization: SPOTIO

SPOTIO Sales Territory Management Tools

SPOTIO is a platform for field sales teams that helps improve rep productivity by automating manual data entry tasks and providing the quickest routes to their daily meetings.

In this tool, sales reps can keep track of and organize leads and appointments, automatically capture data from the field and visualize their sales map to avoid overlaps and gaps. Sales reps can plan routes, automatically log interactions with prospects and use the talk-to-text feature to quickly grab notes in the field.

With location tracking and custom reports, you have more insight into what is happening in the field. This is especially important when managing remote teams (and a reported challenge for 67% of sales managers).

SPOTIO helps sales reps stay productive and organized in the field with data filtering options based on pipeline stage or last visit result.

SPOTIO also offers integrations with popular CRMs.

Why include SPOTIO in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • Maps can be hand-drawn or created by the state, county, city or ZIP code

  • You can track your mileage and export the data to reimburse the expenses

  • You can choose different criteria to plan your routes: distance, meeting length, schedule

4. For global teams: Maptive

Maptive is a sales territory mapping platform that helps field sales teams quickly turn Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets into sales-route maps.

Maptive’s user interface is simple and intuitive – it doesn’t require any coding skills. You can access it from any device and customize it to reflect your brand. For example, you can upload branded images, choose different colors for your pins and select a specific map style.

This platform allows simple route planning and territory optimization. Sales reps can simply drag and drop pins on the map to modify their route. A route enables users to create up to 70 stops.

Field sales teams can use the “Location Finder” and “Distance Calculation” features to map next steps and calculate distances from their current location.

Why include Maptive in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • The platform offers enhanced security for enterprise customers

  • If located in the US or Canada, you can access census data to better profile your prospects and customers

  • Maptive offers API access so you can ensure the platform is synchronized with your business data sources

  • Syncs with CRMs, like Pipedrive

5. For planning new territories: Maptitude

Maptitude Sales Territory Management Tools

Maptitude is a geolocation app that helps you visualize your accounts and manage opportunities in a simple user interface.

With Maptitude, sales managers can judge the value of a new territory before devoting time to lead generation in that location. It allows you to filter by demographics, including changes in status (e.g. more or fewer sales over time), so you can identify your market value.

The tool also includes global mapping and route planning features for drive time optimization.

Why include Geopointe in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • Create territory maps from spreadsheets

  • Plan new territories by retrieving census data through the platform

  • One-off payment or subscription model

6. For unique territory design: AlignMix

AlignMix Sales Territory Management Tools

AlignMix is a premium sales territory design tool that helps field sales teams create, manage and optimize territories through a simple interface.

The platform is one of the more expensive when it comes to pricing (starting at $1700 per user per year). However, it boasts some big clients (like Ping and La-Z-boy) and offers consultancy services along with its products.

You can easily create and modify custom maps in AlignMix with the TouchAlign tool and by “painting” the parts of the territory you want to change. As you do so, you immediately have insight into how the change impacts your territories in terms of revenue.

With AlignMix, you can create territories on different levels, reassign them to your sales reps and align the data based on accounts or zip codes for easier management. The app also allows you to access different demographic data, including income and housing, so you can plan your territory accordingly.

However, AlignMix doesn’t have route planning features.

Why include AlignMix in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • The tool offers a modern, intuitive user interface so your sales reps can easily start using it

  • You get access to an extensive knowledge base and webinars to help you master it as quickly as possible

  • AlignMix services include sales territory design, customer segmentation and even sales force sizing to help you build and scale your sales team

7. For powerful heat mapping: eSpatial

eSpatial Sales Territory Management

eSpatial is a sales territory mapping software for sales and marketing teams of all sizes. It’s ideal for field sales reps thanks to its mobile app.

The platform offers several plans and a bundling option, so you can create a package to suit your business needs.

The platform’s products include eMapping, which lets you easily visualize, compare and analyze your data from various sources in easy-to-understand maps. Custom drawing, filtering data by value or size and creating heatmaps and hotspots help you gain insights to optimize your sales process and routes for maximum ROI.

With eRouting, the platform’s route planning feature, you could have up to 15% more daily meetings with customers and prospects, according to the company.

Plan and optimize up to 20 routes every day and ensure no one is wasting time traveling. Artificial intelligence (AI) takes over scheduling and finds the best daily route for your sales reps on the ground.

Why include eSpatial in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • Use advanced recommendations to create a new route when a meeting gets canceled

  • Manually realign your territories when necessary to avoid overlaps

  • Bundle only the features you need to focus tasks

8. For mapping from a spreadsheet: Mapline

Mapline is a geo management platform that supports sales teams through automated workflows, quick map creation and route planning.

Mapline offers advanced mapping, routing and business intelligence analytics in one platform. The solution is cloud-based so that you can access it from any browser and device.

Mapline lets you quickly turn spreadsheets into maps or create custom territories by copying and pasting data. You can also customize and color or shape-code pins to maintain your map’s organization.

Advanced analytics features like segmentation, account and location filters and reporting help you identify trends and lower the risk of losing opportunities while your efficiency increases. Project collaboration is also facilitated because everyone on the team with access to a map can see the changes others make.

Why include Mapline in your sales territory management tool stack?

  • Mapline data updates automatically and moves several manual tasks off your plate

  • Get essential insights about your customers’ locations, such as the average distance from your competitors

Controlled access lets you decide what data to share with the rest of your sales team

How to choose the best sales territory mapping software

With so many options for sales mapping software on the market, it can be challenging to identify the right one for your sales team.

Here are the top features you need when looking for mapping software for sales territories.


Start immediately with a scalable solution so you can avoid switching from one tool to another. Changing tools as you approach or head through a growth spurt can lead to team member headaches and budget issues down the road.

Start with a solution that will allow you to add more maps (think future expansion) and people (e.g. growing your team from five to 200 sales reps). You can also search for solutions that use add-ons or integrations that will help you boost your performance as you grow.


Manually entering your customer data into multiple tools means double (or triple) the work. Search for sales territory management software that you can integrate with automation tools, such as CRM or email automation software.

If you’re still in an early business stage, consider using a platform that supports all your operational activities in one place and gives you room to grow (like Pipedrive).

Simple interface for fast onboarding

Your sales reps will require training and time to feel comfortable using a new tool.

Sales territory mapping software should offer support through knowledge bases, blog content and user communities. An organized onboarding process can help your team hit the ground running and keep workflow disruption minimal.

Customer support availability

Based on your market coverage and your sales reps’ locations, you should be able to access customer support 24/7 to avoid roadblocks in your daily activities.

Some platforms will offer this as access to articles, forums or a chatbot feature, while others will offer live chat, phone and email support.

Detailed reporting

You need access to accurate and regular reports to evaluate your performance and identify opportunities and bottlenecks in your process.

The best sales territory mapping tools offer advanced territory and rep tracking and reporting, so you can make data-driven decisions for your sales team.

Availability of key features

You want your territory mapping tool to be feature-rich, but what are the most important features to look out for?

Here are a few of the most relevant features to look for in a sales territory mapping tool for your field sales reps:

  • Customization options

  • Fast territory creation and modification

  • Route planning and optimization

  • Automated territory assignment

  • Distance calculations

  • Mobile app

Evaluate your business needs and make sure your chosen platform is meeting all of them.

Final thoughts

The right tools can speed up your field sales workflows and enable your salespeople to maximize their sales productivity.

Before choosing the tool for mapping sales territories, map your business needs (while keeping your potential future needs in mind). List the must-have features of the ideal solution for your field sales team to boost their efficiency.

Don’t rush this decision. If you take the time to choose the best sales territory management tool for your unique necessities, you can leverage it to grow your revenue and scale your business.

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