Kanban Tool for Process Management

A Kanban tool is great for helping you get a clear overview of your processes. Its visual approach makes it a useful resource in every field of work.

Kanban board

Kanban is a visual board approach to process management. Kanban tools are often used in software development and in sales as a way of understanding how far along either a software development task or a sales deal is.

In software development, the Kanban approach helps limit the work in progress so that all the tasks get enough attention.

Kanban board as a sales pipeline

In sales, the Kanban board are called sales pipelines. The sales pipeline is a systematic and visual approach to selling a product or service, and it usually includes the following four metrics:

Number of deals in your pipeline.
Average size of a deal in your pipeline.
Close ratio - average percentage of deals that get won.
Average deal lifetime before it's won - or sales velocity.

Visualizing the sales pipeline

The sales pipeline is helpful in showing you exactly where the money is in your sales process. You’ll be able to understand at which stage any deal is, whether you have enough deals on the board to achieve your goals and quota, and understand whether certain deals need special attention.

How to manage your sales Kanban tool?

Get started by measuring the abovementioned sales pipeline metrics of your business. The following example gives you an overview of a small team’s complete sales pipeline.

Since the metrics are a useful benchmark for results as well as future trends, it’s recommended that you go through this exercise at least once a year.

You can only manage what you measure

If your company has only five deals in the first stage, instead of the average of 13, then you know you need to get eight more prospects if you still want to achieve the numbers you’ve made in the past. And you know that you’re making great progress if your current average deal value is $20,000 instead of $13,080.

The Kanban tool can indicate other things you could improve

  1. Get deals from stage 1 to stage 2 quicker
  2. Increase the volume of total deals
  3. Increase the size of your deals by upselling

Use Kanban tool built on a sales pipeline

Gathering the data we displayed above on a more regular basis takes a lot of time and effort. Using a Kanban sales pipeline tool such as Pipedrive will help you make that process easier, save you time and show you where the money is.

More pipeline management tips can be found in Pipedrive’s blog.

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