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CRM tools for startups

A CRM platform supercharges startup businesses by merging tools and processes so you can prepare for growth and scalability. Choose one of the best CRM tools for startups when you adopt Pipedrive for your new company.

What is a startup CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software for startups streamlines your workflow, eliminates distractions and helps you oversee performance in a single intuitive, visual platform. A startup CRM gives you a high-level understanding of what’s at play so you can build strong customer relationships early on or correct course quickly.

Automatically log every contact

Make calls directly from your CRM. Automatically log each message, email, phone call and chatbot interaction to curate an informative contact history.

Collaborate in real time

Keep everyone on the same page with instant access to customer, sales and marketing data that your whole team can access from anywhere.

Understand your market

Get metrics that are uniquely customized to your business. Explore actionable insights about your leads, customers and product performance.

Streamline your workflow

Run more efficiently with automation. Automate repetitive manual admin such as follow-up emails, task assignments, appointment scheduling and invoice generation.

Customize to fit your business

Make your startup CRM as unique as your business. Create a pipeline that fits your industry, style and goals with endless customization options.

Forecast your sales accurately

Boost your ROI with effective sales planning. Focus on the highest-value activities, prioritize deals that are likely to close, and find new deals to work on.

Why is a CRM important for startups?

Managing all the tasks it takes to start a business from scratch can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can merge all those tasks into one platform and automate the workflow with a CRM. Get ahead of your competitors faster by focusing on customer relationships early on.

Pipedrive’s CRM software for startups helps turn new businesses into well-oiled revenue-producing machines. Used by more than 95,000 companies in 179 countries, Pipedrive helps you operate as efficiently as if you’ve been running for years.

Forecast your sales

Understanding and predicting your future growth is especially important as you acquire investments. Pipedrive’s customizable data and insight reports make it easier to forecast what’s in store.

See your average deal age, how close each lead is to closing and where roadblocks and bottlenecks are occurring. With better visualization, you can make accurate plans for the future and hit your goals.

Discover how to forecast with sales insights and reports on Pipedrive

Automate your pipeline

Streamline your workflow by automating as many pipeline stages as possible to guard against overwhelm and promote efficiency.

Set triggers for desired actions, automate email marketing, task notifications and social media activity all within your CRM. Pipedrive intuitively recommends useful automation features to specifically benefit your business.

Learn how to automate your workflows with Pipedrive

Manage your contacts

Upgrade your contact management from disorderly spreadsheets and piles of business cards to a clean and organized software system. Sync your Google and Microsoft contacts directly into Pipedrive.

Tag contacts as “people”, “organizations”, or other customized labels and add them to deals. Get context before a follow-up with a detailed communication history, including calls, emails and activities displayed visually on the contact timeline.

Find out how to manage and track contacts with Pipedrive

How does a CRM system for startups work?

Selecting the best CRM system for startups empowers your business to provide an outstanding customer experience, deliver smart marketing campaigns and optimize your sales funnel.

  • Build a pipeline to fit the unique sales process for your startup business
  • Find customers and automatically import their contact information for your outreach strategy
  • Record detailed and customized information about every contact in your CRM
  • Integrate with popular sales and productivity apps used across your industry
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with workflow automation
  • Automate deal stage activity, task notifications and reports to ensure your sales team stays on track
  • Monitor email activity with your leads to see how they’re engaging with your business through open and click rates
  • Effectively manage your fundraising process and forecast sales
  • Ensure data protection with security features such as user permissions and suspicious activity alerts
  • Onboard new staff quickly and easily with consolidated, historical customer data and insights

How Pipedrive helped this startup manage their time more efficiently

Software startup DashThis spent a lot of time managing inquiries and support requests and closing deals. To ensure every customer receives timely replies, DashThis chose Pipedrive to automate follow-ups and collate data in a centralized hub.

Their in-house sales team now takes advantage of forecasting and automated administrative work, such as scheduling, lead management and task prioritization.

Read the case study

The challenges and benefits of using a CRM for startups

Common obstacles to a startup CRM:

  • Choosing a CRM that doesn't fit your business
  • Getting stuck in outdated legacy systems
  • Struggling to find a suitable pricing option

How a CRM can fuel your startup:

  • It prepares you for growth and scalability with an intuitive user interface
  • It builds strong customer relationships early on with unified data and analytics
  • It optimizes your sales process thanks to total visibility

Legacy systems, such as spreadsheet lead management, sit on top of your business instead of integrating seamlessly with it. These systems may be fine for now, but they won’t grow with you as your team expands and your processes get more complex.

Investing in a CRM early on builds in the potential for growth at the ground level. The best CRM tools for startups offer flexible pricing options, like pricing per user and reduced annual subscriptions. This way, you can find the right solution with the right features to support your growth.

How to set up your startup CRM software

  • 1. Set up your processes for managing leads and customers

    When you first log in to Pipedrive, you can create a visual representation of your sales pipeline. Customize your pipeline to fit your unique business goals and processes to manage opportunities at every stage.

    Set up separate workflows for prospective customers based on their stage in your buying journey. Get an overview of each lead, including how likely they are to convert and when to follow up. With a startup CRM, you’ll never have to worry about a conversation falling through the cracks.

  • 2. Delegate tasks and create customer support processes

    Meet customer service expectations with inbuilt contact options that connect directly to Pipedrive. Every interaction a customer has with your startup will be automatically collected, segmented and stored within your CRM.

    Whether an inquiry arrives by phone, Live Chat, email, or Web Form, you’ll immediately have full visibility. Set up workflow automation to assign support tasks to the right staff member and allocate due dates to ensure you deliver timely service.

  • 3. Implement marketing automation and campaign reporting

    Spend less time managing marketing activities and more time nurturing the leads they bring in with automated campaigns and personalized emails. Use insights in your CRM to develop smart targeting and reach more potential customers.

    Segment your contacts with the custom fields functionality. Ensure every marketing message reaches relevant audiences with more chances of converting. You can even use integrations to schedule and monitor your social media without leaving Pipedrive.

  • 4. Intelligently manage your email inboxes

    Set up Smart Email BCC to send a copy of all email communications from your email client to Pipedrive’s Detail View. Sync Pipedrive with your email client on Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans to compose emails within the platform.

    Keep the personal touch at scale with merge fields to add tailored information. Get instant link-click and open notifications to help you monitor engagement and follow up at the right time.

How to adopt your new startup CRM

Bake your CRM tool into your sales process to get the results you want. Here are two ways to ensure your startup CRM adoption goes smoothly.

Work out a plan with each rep

Work one-on-one with your sales reps to understand their sales activities. Learn their approaches to prospecting, lead qualifying and how many calls they make per week. Find out what to automate by identifying which manual tasks take up the most time.

Map out an implementation timeline

Once you’ve decided on a CRM solution, put some key dates in your diary for its implementation. Set aside time to:

  • Collect your existing data

  • Add the new data to your CRM

  • Customize the pipeline stages and add templates

  • Set up integrations with software you’re already using

If you’re a solo operator, go through the above on your own. When you see how a CRM can fit into your routine, plan out which CRM tools you’ll test first to make some quick wins.

Make your startup more efficient with integrations

Increase the capability of your startup CRM systems with powerful integrations. Save time and streamline your workflow by connecting with hundreds of popular apps and services to unite all your tools in one place.

Here are some integrations that can benefit every startup or small business.


Automate your lead generation by capturing web visitors. Wake up to fresh contact details in your pipeline and engage potential customers while they’re interested.

Find better leads with Pipedrive’s Leadfeeder integration.


Forget lengthy emails and fiddly meeting schedules. With Dealbot for Slack your sales team can quickly and easily update managers on deal progress instantly.

Keep in touch with Pipedrive’s Slack integration.


Supercharge your CRM by combining Pipedrive and Asana for improved project management and connect all your departments on one platform.

Improve your project management with Pipedrive’s Asana integration.


Work faster and smarter by connecting thousands of popular apps via Zapier directly with your Pipedrive CRM.

Access more tools with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.


Gain insights with in-depth reports and customized dashboards that visualize your pipeline for the whole team.

Keep the team updated with Pipedrive’s Plecto integration.


Grow your startup team faster thanks to Interseller’s ability to find any candidate’s email address and contact them with personalized automatic messages.

Find people faster with Pipedrive’s Interseller integration.

Spend less time on admin and more time growing your business!