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Product information management

Organize product data to streamline sales operations

A product information management (PIM) system helps you control a growing suite of services.

When your PIM solution is housed in a CRM system, teams can collaborate on deals and make better business decisions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more sales.

Pipedrive’s PIM system organizes your product catalog and sales ecosystem in one place so you can deliver better customer experiences.

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Product Information Management

Pipedrive’s product information management features

List view
Find and edit product data

See your complete product catalog in list view, where you can filter and edit details to maintain data quality

Monitor product performance

Create reports on each of your products to see which are selling well

Track product updates
Track product updates

Get notifications whenever the details of a “followed” product or linked deal change

Manage task and discounts
Manage tax and discounts

Apply tax to your products’ pricing and manage different discounts to create compelling offers

Auto-populate quotes

Pull product descriptions, images, unit prices and other details into quote templates in seconds with Smart Docs

Export product data

Export your product catalog or a list of products that have been added to deals as CSV or Excel files for use in other tools

What to look for in PIM software

What to look for in product information management software

Here are five key features a quality product information management system should offer:

  • Organization features. Make product data easy to find and edit with a simple CRM.

  • Robust security measures. Protect product and deal information with straightforward permission and visibility settings.

  • Mobile app. Complete product data management software tasks from anywhere using Android and iOS mobile apps.

  • Handy integrations. Tailor your PIM solution to business needs with a marketplace of useful apps and integrations.

  • Reliable support. Get answers when you need them and keep your business running smoothly with multichannel support.

Unify teams with data in one place

Sales, marketing and support teams struggle to understand product data when it’s in different spreadsheets and notes.

Centralizing product data in a PIM tool means team members can base decisions on high-quality product information.

Use Pipedrive’s Products feature to create a single source of truth for customer-facing teams and unlock better decision-making across the buyer journey.

Learn more about Products in Pipedrive.

Data in one place
Product catalog with images

Personalize your product catalog with images

Even the most carefully organized product catalogs are difficult to navigate when they only include text.

Images make it faster and easier to locate the right items. They also speed up onboarding so new employees learn your company’s portfolio faster.

Pipedrive’s CRM includes product catalog software, allowing you to add product images as PNG, JPG or GIF files for users to see on the detail page and in deals when they work with products.

Stay on top of product information security

Your product portfolio management software is a goldmine of valuable data. Robust security features and permission settings stop your information from falling into the wrong hands.

With multiple security certificates, world-class infrastructure and a host of CRM privacy measures, Pipedrive protects your product catalog at all times.

Learn about Pipedrive’s CRM privacy and security.

Privacy and security
Smart docs

Auto-populate quotes to speed up your sales process

Manual sales admin is a slow and repetitive process that increases the time to market for new products and hinders other product experiences.

With a PIM platform housed in your CRM system, you can pull the latest product and deal data straight into sales documents to speed up your workflows.

Pipedrive’s Smart Docs feature auto-populates quotes with product data, giving you more time to personalize the buyer’s journey.

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

Smart Docs

Speed up your sales admin with Pipedrive’s Smart Docs feature

Smart Docs is an easy-to-use document management feature that helps e-commerce firms, retailers and distributors organize sales admin, populate quotes and onboard customers faster.

Pipedrive’s Professional, Power and Enterprise plans include Smart Docs. Add it to any other plan to create custom documents and track opens in real time.

Smart Docs lets you:

  • Automate document creation. Fill document templates quickly with product data straight from your CRM.

  • Get electronic signatures. Cut costs, save time and create convenient customer experiences with e-signatures.

  • Streamline digital asset management. Use the tools you love, like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, to work faster and smarter.

Learn more about Smart Docs

How Pipedrive helped Redlist’s reps gain a week’s worth of productivity

Redlist used Canva to design its proposal documents but found the process time-consuming and prone to errors.

Pipedrive’s Smart Docs feature allowed the company to auto-fill fields in its templates, speeding up the proposal stage.

“That’s a whole extra day I’m getting out of the guys for each person on the team, so each week I’m gaining a week’s worth of productivity.”

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Redlist Case Study

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In the forecast view, we look at what deals are due to close this month, next month just to make sure everyone is really honest about what they should be working on.

Carolyn PearsonFounder, Maiden Voyage

One of the favorite features within Pipedrive is the email integration. It pulls all of the clients details in, so that we don’t have to think about it.

Erin and DrewFounders, Pro Arts

As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.

Lisa CoyleCEO, 360 Payments

Product information management FAQs

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