The Best CRM for Marketing Teams

Build a profitable audience, analyze buyer data and boost customer retention. Pipedrive’s marketing CRM bridges the gap between conversations and conversions.

What is a CRM for marketing teams?

Marketing CRM software (customer relationship management software) enables you to provide a seamless customer experience. Construct meaningful relationships with potential customers, collect buyer data and evolve your business with critical marketing insights.

Centralize buyer data

Small businesses need quick access to customer data. A CRM platform informs your marketing strategy with sales data, purchase history and contact information.

Automate your busywork

Delegate tedious admin such as follow-up emails and newsletters to your CRM. Free up your marketing team and empower them to deliver a delightful customer journey.

Streamline your pipeline management

Log customer interactions and monitor every touchpoint. A marketing CRM tracks buyer behavior and automatically moves clients through your sales pipeline.

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Tweak your marketing efforts with insightful analytics. A CRM for marketing measures real-time performance across channels, isolates crucial metrics and monitors customer interactions.

Communicate effectively with segments

Tag your customer base and sort them into meaningful groups. Design more relevant marketing campaigns and reach everyone with the right message.

Generate powerful referrals

Collect useful feedback from your customers and display glowing testimonials on your social media channels. Widen your sales opportunities through the power of social proof.

Collect your audience data in one place

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is managing and analyzing large volumes of information.

With touchpoints scattered across social media, landing pages, web forms, emails and in-person contact, you can quickly become overwhelmed with inbound data.

Pipedrive’s marketing CRM stores and enriches your data in one platform. Import new leads into custom segments, create personalized marketing campaigns and make strategic decisions based on important sales metrics.

Chatbots and web forms

Chatbots can answer 80% of standard questions and customers love the 24/7 support. Automated customer support is a great way to keep leads engaged until your reps are free.

Pipedrive’s CRM for marketing seamlessly connects chatbots and web forms to your pipeline. Load your chatbots with valuable information, create detailed web forms for client inquiries and funnel communication history into your visualized CRM.

Contact management

The best CRM in marketing will give you a high-level view of your contacts and provide deeper insights into lead activity.

Pipedrive’s powerful CRM scales alongside your growing database of contacts. Import clients from spreadsheets and legacy CRMs and link customers to deals. Access conversation history, respond to email inquiries and monitor buyer behavior with ease.

Test and learn from new marketing approaches

As you grow your business, you’ll need to deploy and monitor the efficacy of different marketing outreach strategies.

A CRM for marketing provides robust marketing analytics, unique insights and customizable reporting. See who you’re reaching, spot patterns in your contacts’ interests and create tailored campaigns to attract new prospects.

Create customizable reports

A CRM generates insights tailored to your operations and empowers you to adjust your marketing strategy.

Improve your sales cycles and win rates with deal reports, manage cash flow with revenue forecasting and identify your most successful conversion channels with lead reporting.

Take advantage of Pipedrive’s sales reporting feature

Implement interactive dashboards

Survey your audience data and isolate key metrics. A CRM empowers you to assess your most important analytics and supervise your team’s progress.

Drag and drop data, interpret crucial information at a glance and share live reports with your stakeholders.

Supervise your team and keep your stakeholders informed with dashboards

Upsell with sales history

A CRM is not just a powerful lead generation tool. It’s a crucial upselling and customer retention solution.

Review your customers’ purchase history and discover remarketing opportunities. When you launch a new product or service, for example, you’ll be able to assess your sales database for potential clients.

Analyze sales history and drive repeat purchases with Pipedrive

Integrate with your most important marketing channels

With multiple marketing channels driving your lead generation, you’ll have a lot of data in a lot of places. Integrating your marketing channels with your CRM tool helps avoid the risk of valuable insights falling through the cracks.

Pipedrive’s CRM with marketing automation integrates with your most important marketing channels. Collect all your data in one place to analyze your most engaged audience and personalize marketing messages.

How Visionair Media saves time and money with Pipedrive

Content creators Visionair Media were hit hard by the pandemic. Lockdowns prohibited onsite production and Director Jim Moustakas scrambled to cut costs.

After trialling several CRM options, Jim recognized Pipedrive as the most time and cost-efficient marketing CRM. He transferred data from HubSpot to Pipedrive with ease and has saved hundreds of dollars every month.

“Pipedrive has done a fantastic job at making sure the migration process is streamlined.”

Read the case study

Choosing the right marketing CRM for your business

With the right marketing CRM system, you’re able to monitor lead engagement across the board, target prospects with custom segments and automate mundane tasks.

The right marketing CRM solution will include:

  • Live support. Your CRM provider should be on hand to address any pain points along the way.
  • Scalability. Your CRM must be capable of growing alongside your business and managing your expanding database.
  • Integration. Automate business processes and busywork and save time by connecting your CRM to the software your teams use most.
  • Simple setup. Your new CRM should seamlessly import data from spreadsheets and older CRM software.
  • Full synchronization. Reduce tedious tasks by syncing your calendar, contact information and mobile phone.
  • Cloud storage. Record and log valuable marketing metrics safely in the cloud.
  • Streamlined communication. Quickly ping for assistance before deploying marketing campaigns and keep colleagues in the loop.
  • Detailed reports. A CRM with marketing automation should provide granular reporting features as well as brief performance overviews.
  • Value. Avoid expensive, multi-function platforms and implement a CRM that handles your specific requirements.

5 ways Pipedrive helps marketing teams grow

  • 1. Create lead profiles with custom fields

    Businesses handle customers with varying behaviors, wants and needs. A CRM empowers marketers to tailor personalized campaigns based on key demographics and drive conversions.

    When you set up Pipedrive, create custom fields to build unique lead segments into your CRM. Use interaction history and buyer behavior to group leads and reach out to them accordingly.

  • 2. Import touchpoints to your CRM for marketing

    Data entry is a hefty burden for many businesses, especially startups and SMEs. Manually updating prospect interactions, moving customers to new deal stages and searching for contact information steals valuable time from marketers.

    Pipedrive records every touchpoint, from your website to your social media channels. Integrate chat history, chatbot cases, emails and Web Forms with your CRM to log every lead interaction in one place.

  • 3. Use dashboards to monitor marketing efforts

    With our insights and reporting features, you can create custom dashboards for every marketing campaign you deploy. Focus your team on the right audiences, activities and more.

    Separate seasonal marketing campaigns from long-term strategies, set team and company-wide goals and share reports with the most relevant information. Pipedrive uses visualized dashboards to isolate the metrics you care about most.

  • 4. Identify preferences and follow up with related offers

    Follow up post-sale with product newsletters and actively showcase your offering to drive engagement, build lasting connections and encourage recurring purchases.

    Pipedrive’s workflow automation removes the hassle from post-sale marketing. Automatically market similar products with fresh campaigns and make suggestions based on past purchases.

  • 5. Work anywhere with the best CRM in marketing

    You shouldn’t have to fall behind on work due to unforeseen circumstances and delays. Take your CRM on the road or work from home with Pipedrive.

    Pipedrive’s mobile app empowers you to monitor campaigns from anywhere. Set tasks for the day, tackle emails and inquiries and locate deals and lead information right from your mobile device.

Create automated workflows with powerful integrations

Supercharge your marketing strategy with our powerful CRM. Enhance your lead tracking and streamline internal communications.

Here are some essential integrations for the best CRM in marketing.

Create visualized workflow automations with a simple drag and drop interface. integrates with your favorite marketing channels and boosts your lead generation.

Connect Pipedrive with 100+ apps through


Duplicate records are a nightmare for marketing teams. Dedupely removes the clutter and tackles duplicate files, leads, customers and campaign data.

Save your marketers valuable time with Dedupely


Your marketers need to be synchronized during marketing campaigns. Pipedrive seamlessly integrates with Slack so you can share updates with every stakeholder.

Never miss an update with Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack


Log communication history and streamline lead management. Activate cold leads and supervise campaigns with OpenMoves’ email marketing platform.

Bring sales and marketing together with OpenMoves


Target website visitors and increase conversions. Empower your marketers to curate impactful campaigns with automated tasks and weekly reports sent directly to your team.

Explore Pipedrive’s Triggerbee integration


Make and receive phone calls right from Pipedrive. Toky’s fully virtual phone system logs calls, records conversations and matches notes to contacts.

Make communication a breeze with Toky and Pipedrive

Automate your marketing activity and engage new customers today