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The best CRM for marketing teams

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps marketers manage their customer data and interactions.

The right CRM for marketing helps you better understand leads so you can streamline engagement and create more personalized email campaigns.

Pipedrive’s CRM solution unlocks your customers’ behavior patterns, enabling you to send emails tailored to your audience.

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CRM for Marketing

What is a CRM in marketing?

Strong email campaigns are crucial to effective customer relationship management and converting prospects into buyers.

However, without a CRM tool that aligns your messages with your audience’s behavior, you risk missing your targets.

CRM software gives marketers a full overview of their leads and customers, segmenting audiences into lists and recording key details and activity across the customer journey.

These insights enable marketers to create personalized campaigns that boost customer engagement and increase customer retention.

By fully understanding your customers, you can create a superior experience for buyers.

Marketing features to supercharge your CRM system

Your marketing team is more effective when they have the right tools. Pipedrive helps streamline the entire marketing process, from contact management to optimizing existing lead-generation campaigns. Try Pipedrive’s advanced CRM digital marketing features and add-ons to supercharge your workflow today.

Make digital marketing easier

Marketing and sales teams can get overwhelmed by too many repetitive tasks. A good CRM will streamline marketing efforts and make their jobs easier.

Your CRM platform should offer a range of tools to improve customer loyalty and simplify digital marketing, including:

  • Targeted emails: Ensure the right people receive the right emails at the perfect moment with smart email marketing software.

  • Effective inbound communication: Streamline customer communication with Web Forms, Chatbot and Live Chat.

  • Templates: Email templates will save you countless hours building the perfect follow-up email to send to your subscribers.

  • Insights into marketing errors: Identify and address any gaps in your marketing strategy with Google Postmaster Tools.

How can a CRM help you achieve your marketing goals?

A marketing CRM is far more than just a collection of names and contact information. Here are some of the marketing tasks you can accomplish when using Pipedrive as your marketing CRM solution.

Nurture leads on autopilot with Campaigns

Create beautiful email marketing campaigns directly in your Pipedrive account with the Campaigns add-on.

Segment leads and personalize your emails to create relevant lead-nurturing sequences, all based on your CRM data.

Get started with Campaigns’ professional templates, or create your own with the simple drag-and-drop email builder.

Use real-time reporting to discover which campaigns resonate with your leads and use those insights to increase conversions.

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

How AI bees boosted growth by 2000% with Pipedrive

B2B marketing firm AI bees promises to ensure its clients hit their targets. It knew it needed a powerful CRM marketing platform to optimize performance.

Pipedrive’s simple interface and advanced features meant new team members could jump straight in. As a result, AI bees rapidly expanded its business in just two years.

“When I look at some other tools, it’s so complicated to onboard someone because there are so many things to set up, and that is really a benefit for Pipedrive. It’s quick to onboard someone and to teach them what to do.”

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Choosing the right marketing CRM

With so many options out there, finding the best CRM for your needs is essential.

CRM marketing FAQ

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