CRM for Marketing

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps marketers better understand their leads, build stronger customer relationships and streamline engagement. Discover how the right CRM marketing software can supercharge your next campaign.

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CRM for Marketing

What is a CRM in marketing?

CRM marketing software gives businesses a holistic view of their leads and customers, recording key details and activity across the customer journey.

These insights enable marketers to create personalized campaigns that keep prospects engaged and increase customer retention.

Get the right message in front of the right leads at the right time with CRM marketing.

Marketing CRM features to attract more leads

Your marketing team is more effective when they have the right tools. Pipedrive’s advanced CRM marketing features help you with every step of the process, from contact management to optimizing existing campaigns.

Centralize your sales and marketing activity

Use your CRM platform as a central hub for your sales and marketing teams to share information and coordinate their efforts.

A better understanding of your customers across the business makes creating a superior customer experience easier.

Sales reps can share their first-hand insights with the marketing team, who in turn can provide the sales team with targeted sales enablement content.

Total transparency means you can easily identify and address any gaps in your sales process and marketing strategy, so every lead and customer gets all the attention and help they need.

How can a CRM help you achieve your marketing goals?

A marketing CRM is far more than just a collection of names and contact information. Here are some of the marketing tasks you can accomplish when using Pipedrive as your marketing CRM solution.

  • 1. Customer data in one place

    Record all the information you might need, from recent customer interactions to persona characteristics, in your CRM marketing system. No more searching through post-it notes and email threads when researching a new campaign.

    Keeping all this information in one place ensures you have a complete picture of your leads, their business and their priorities, so you can create marketing collateral tailored to their needs.

  • 2. Segment your audience

    Use your customer data to create relevant segments based on shared demographics, firmographics, psychographics and activities.

    See who are your best customers and who’s in danger of churning, then target those segments with messaging and content that’s created for their exact situation.

  • 3. Personalize your messaging

    Use CRM data to easily add your lead’s name and company information to marketing emails for a personalized experience. Narrow down pain points, use your customers’ language and create a marketing campaign that’s tailored to them in every way.

    Address specific industry concerns in future campaigns, reward loyal customers and re-engage past prospects using your CRM data.

  • 4. Connect your marketing tools

    Work more efficiently by connecting your marketing tools with Pipedrive. Use the data from all of your different apps to create better content and get a holistic view of your marketing performance.

    Automatically sync the latest information between your software without having to worry about duplicating data or missing any details.

  • 5. Provide an omnichannel experience

    Track all of your communication across different channels within your CRM and engage with your leads and customers in a way that’s convenient to them.

    Whatever channel a customer uses to contact you and whoever on your team talks to them, you can respond immediately with all the information you need to provide a seamless experience and improve customer satisfaction.

  • 6. Test, track and optimize activity

    See how potential customers respond to your marketing by tracking key metrics in your Pipedrive dashboard. Evaluate your campaigns, see what worked and create templates based on your most successful messaging.

    Use what you’ve learned to optimize future campaigns and get the best ROI on your marketing budget.

Nurture leads on autopilot with Campaigns

Create beautiful email marketing campaigns directly in your Pipedrive account with the Campaigns add-on.

Segment leads and personalize your emails to create relevant lead nurturing sequences, all based on your CRM data.

Get started with Campaigns' professional templates or create your own with the simple drag-and-drop email builder.

Use real-time reporting to discover which campaigns resonate with your leads and use those insights to increase conversions.

How AI bees boosted growth by 2000% with Pipedrive

B2B marketing firm AI bees promise clients they’ll hit their targets, or clients get their money back. They knew they’d need a powerful CRM marketing tool to perform at their best.

Pipedrive’s simple interface and advanced features meant new team members could jump straight in. As a result, they’ve been able to rapidly expand their business over the last two years.

“When I look at some other tools, it’s so complicated to onboard someone because there are so many things to set up, and that is really a benefit for Pipedrive. It’s quick to onboard someone and to teach them what to do.”

Read the case study

Choosing the right marketing CRM

With so many options out there, finding the best CRM for your exact needs is essential.

  • Decide what functionality is most important to you. Marketing automation tools can help you cut down on repetitive tasks. A cloud-based solution is best for remote marketing teams while a mobile app lets you manage customer relationships wherever you are.

  • Cost is another big consideration. Startups and small businesses should look for CRM tools that can grow with them. Look for pricing based on the features and users you need.

  • Pick a marketing CRM that’s easy to use. If it’s too complex, then your team is unlikely to get the full benefits of CRM. Good customer support and a free trial period allow you to settle in before committing.

Integrations to level up your MarTech stack

Add extra functionality to your CRM software by connecting it with other marketing tools. The Pipedrive Marketplace has hundreds of apps you can use to enhance your CRM, including these popular marketing integrations.


Get four powerful tools in one with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on. Discover outbound leads with Prospector, engage website visitors with Chatbot, offer enhanced customer service with Live Chat and collect information with Web Forms. Learn more about LeadBooster.


Create online marketing videos, including webinars, training and podcast interviews. Increase engagement with features including integrated chat, landing pages, polls and Q&A functionality, all with the Livestorm integration.


Coordinate your sales and marketing efforts and collaborate with other team members in Slack. Automatically share all the relevant information when deal stages update with the Dealbot for Slack app.


Create high-converting content for lead generation, including calculators, quizzes, recommendations, polls and contests. Engage new customers and generate useful data to use in your follow-ups with the Outgrow integration.

Ruler Analytics

Add multi-touch marketing attribution to your Pipedrive deals, including new form inquiries and phone calls. Record marketing sources and keywords with new or existing leads using the Ruler Analytics integration.


Automatically move data between Pipedrive and your favorite marketing apps. Create leads, update deals, attach files to accounts and much more, all with automated workflows. Connect thousands of apps with the Zapier integration.

Take your marketing to the next level