Powerful WebCRM

Need access to your CRM everywhere? Don’t want to pay for extortionate licenses? Boost your team’s productivity, lower your costs and make your life easier by using a web-based CRM.

Cut costs on paying license fees

A web-based CRM means that the software is hosted in the cloud with no hardware or software needing to be installed. Just type in the web-application address and start using the software. WebCRM solutions are often far cheaper than the age-old on-premise CRM software licenses. So much so that you’ll start wondering where to invest all those saved dollars.

On-the-go access and team collaboration made simple

A cloud CRM ensures that your team can easily collaborate on tasks, being able to access and update details anywhere and anytime, and thus keep everyone on the same page. No more delays or misinformation due to people being on business trips or working from home with no access to the on-premise software. Native iOS and Android apps complete the package by letting you take your webCRM with you.

Pipedrive Pipeline View

Support and development

With a webCRM, the importance of first-class customer support is crucial. Whenever you run into an issue or find yourself in need of some advice, adept customer reps should always be there, one phone call away. With a web crm, you’ll never have to update your CRM ever again. That’s because the software is in constant development to keep up with customers needs.

Pipedrive as your web-based CRM

Pipedrive is a webCRM tool built by salespeople for salespeople. Pipedrive’s cloud software visualizes your sales pipeline that indicates the health of your company and shows you where the money is (quite literally!). Reminder notifications make sure that you never miss an opportunity or deadline ever again and the native mobile applications make working remotely a breeze.

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Pipedrive ist eine voll funktionsfähige Lösung für das Pipeline-Management. Einfache Einrichtung, klares Design, coole Funktionen. Und ein wirklich cooler Activity Stream pro Deal, um direkt zu sehen, was in den letzten Tagen passiert ist. Smartphone-App ohne weitere Kosten. Es macht wirklich Spaß, jeden Tag mit dem Tool zu arbeiten. Nichts im ganzen Tool scheint nutzlos – Funktionalität auf den Punkt!
Manuel Liewald,
Geschäftsbereichsleitung Retail & Terminal Services, Samhammer AG

Pipedrive ist ein Verkaufs-Tool für kleine Teams mit großen Ambitionen

Wir haben ein CRM-Tool geschaffen, das sich nicht nur ausgezeichnet für Verkäufer eignet, sondern für alle, die besonders organisiert sein und Geschäfte in kürzerer Zeit abschließen wollen.

Ungefähr die Hälfte unserer Kunden war von Pipedrive so begeistert, dass sie von ihrem bestehenden CRM wechselten. Die andere Hälfte war sich nicht einmal bewusst, dass sie Pipedrive benötigten, bevor sie es ausprobiert hatten.

Powerful WebCRM: Web-based CRM to Power Your Sales | Pipedrive
Powerful WebCRM: Web-based CRM to Power Your Sales