Activity calendar

Activity calendar
In sales, time is money, and how you plan your days can have a serious effect on your bottom line and your productivity. The activity calendar ensures that you schedule your days correctly the first time and avoid that horrible feeling of diary overload. You get a full overview of your day and week on the fly, all while adding new activities. With the activity calendar you can:

Visually view your week

The activity calendar gives you a great visual overview of your schedule so you can:

  • See which days you are free and busy
  • Get an overview to see how busy you are
  • See the items on your to do list
  • Mark activities as done on the go
  • Quickly add activities from the calendar

Effective team management

As a sales manager, you can see how busy your team members are and easily spot where there are mutual free times for meetings. You can also check calendars before assigning activities to specific team members.

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Activity calendar