[Feature Update] New Ways of Looking at Activity Lists

List improvements

One of the most frequently asked questions our helpdesk has dealt with over time refers to the Activities page, and runs something like this: “Why can’t I see deal, person or organization details when looking at an activity? And why can’t I apply custom filters to activity lists?”

This caused us to ask ourselves: “Well, why can’t they?” We feel that our latest feature release answers the question resoundingly.

Activity cross-item columns

This update is already live to all users, but in case you didn’t notice, here’s a quick rundown of what it entails.  Activity cross-Item columns allows you to pull deal, person and organization columns into your activities list. This enables you to set up activities so that the contact's email and phone number is right there, along with the activity details.

Once you start using the Activity Cross-Item Columns feature, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

acticity call list

Save huge amounts of time when working through call lists

We know that the person making the calls is not always the one who brought in the deals, and even if they are, they may be calling 50 people or more a day. Remembering or cross-checking contact details for every call is either impossible for the former or very time-consuming for the latter.

But now, when you look at the activity the person and organization columns tied to that activity are right there, where you need them.

Custom filters for activity lists

activity list filter

This is another release that we expect will be very popular.

This update allows you to create custom filters in the activities list. You can take full advantage of your custom fields to narrow down your activities by status (eg. VIP customers only) or whatever special fields you have created.

For example, you can look at an activities list and filter out only activities tied to lost deals to see what doesn’t work or may need improvement. Conversely, you can also look at activities that drove deals to the next pipeline stage.

Want to start using it?

We've just rolled it out for all users - enjoy!