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The CRM Software Reviews You Can Trust to Find Your #1 Option

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) for your business is no easy feat. With so many popular CRM systems on the market, it’s difficult to decide on the best software to meet your business needs and keep your sales team happy.

Coupling that with the challenge of finding genuine objective CRM software reviews on the various providers available, both on-premises and cloud-based, how can you tell which CRM platform will really help you to improve sales forecasting and lead generation efforts, boost sales and drive success for your business?

In your quest for the best CRM software, it’s easy to find yourself trawling through product review after product review in search of the top rated CRM only to end up more confused than ever.

These CRM solutions reviews are plentiful, but unfortunately, often unreliable. You need to find a trustworthy and data-driven analysis that’s based on real customer experience. Only then can you begin to make an informed decision on which customer relationship management software is best for your business.

The quest for objective software analysis

This is where reputable research companies, such as G2 and Software Advice, can help make a more objective, informed judgment about the best customer relationship management for your company’s unique needs.

First, let’s discuss G2’s Best CRM Software report. They produce an unbiased report based on reviews gathered from their community as well as data aggregated from social networks and various sources. Their research scoring methodologies are supported by a unique algorithm to calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores.

In this year’s Top 20 CRM Software report, Pipedrive was ranked in the top 10.

Secondly, there’s Software Advice’s CRM software reviews. They rank products based on reviews from thousands of users and also create market reports. These reports are considered a source of expertise and have been featured in authoritative publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider.

Currently, on their Best CRM Software page, Pipedrive has received 4.5 out of 5 stars and has over 2,300 reviews.

Now here at Pipedrive, we’re not ones to blow our own trumpet.

But you don’t need to listen to us promoting ourselves. We’re happy to let these CRM software reviews speak for themselves.

How to define a leading CRM

So, what’s the number one attribute you should look for in CRM tools?

We believe helpfulness should be the foundation of every powerful CRM.

The measure of this helpfulness can fall into several categories:

  • A CRM should help your business to grow. A CRM should be light-touch and built for minimum input and optimal output. Pipedrive gives users maximum visibility and control over their sales pipeline and guides sales management, sales teams and support teams to complete daily activities that consistently push deals through the sales funnel and closer to a win. Spreadsheets are not the most user-friendly tools and also come with a high risk of human error. With a CRM, things like contact information, customer data, phone call and email records, email campaigns, a knowledge base and more are updated in real time – significantly minimizing risk and improving cross-team collaboration.

  • The UI must be easy to use. A good CRM should be logical, intuitive and easy to use – a one-stop-shop for all your sales tracking, task management, pipeline management and customer information needs. Pipedrive offers a clear visual interface of your sales pipeline and business processes workflows that prompts you to take action and stay on top of all your deals.

  • Training and support must be top notch. Effective and readily available training and support are key to allow sales leads and team members to get the most out of a CRM. We offer a robust support center and a host of videos and guides to optimize your Pipedrive experience. We also run ongoing training with our Sales Pipeline Academy to help you refine your sales process, improve lead management techniques, level up workflow automation, master follow up activities and close more deals.

  • The product must have the most helpful range of features. At Pipedrive, all our CRM features are built around activity-based selling. This means that our CRM offers your sales team a simple way to improve their sales process so they focus on activities rather than results. Metrics and results do matter, but they shouldn’t be the centerpiece of your sales process. As such, our customer management solution is centered on three main objectives:

    • To directly address traditional barriers to success

    • To make the tool quick and simple to adopt – ease of use is absolutely key

    • To be totally customizable to mirror the reality of a sales team’s offline sales processes – from custom dashboards to our mobile app and suite of integrations, our CRM can bend to your every need

  • The price must be agile based on your needs. This is perhaps the most helpful aspect of all! We understand that not all organizations are created equal, so we offer a range of prices, plans and add-ons to suit your business. Each pricing plan comes with a 14-day free CRM trial.

Why your sales team should be central to your CRM choice

Above all else, a CRM must be something that your sales reps actually enjoy using. Many business owners choose a sales CRM based on their IT or executive team’s needs, but your sales team should be front and center of the equation. If you select a CRM that your reps have difficulty using, or lacks key features and functionality that streamline sales activities, like sales automation or third party integrations, you run the risk of seriously compromising your small business growth.

Making your sales reps’ lives a little easier every day will ultimately enhance your company’s sales performance – not to mention, improve customer interactions, which helps you build a more loyal customer base. Software Reviews uses a score called ‘The Emotional Footprint’ to measure how users feel about their current software solution.

David Piazza, President of Software Reviews, explains:

“Pipedrive has seen some of the highest customer feedback that we have seen to date, not just in CRM, but across all our categories. The high emotional footprint score in particular demonstrates a very engaged and satisfied customer base”.

This measurement evaluates the user sentiment towards various dimensions of the client-vendor relationship and product effectiveness. It examines factors such as service experience, conflict resolution, trust, and transparency. The score also shows how vendors and products inspire innovation and productivity in the end users and organizations.

Understanding the emotional response a vendor elicits from its users is extremely valuable when making a purchasing decision.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) systems you choose not only impact productivity, customer support initiatives and project management continuity, but also overall well-being and happiness in the workplace.

A big thank you to our customers

We’re thrilled with these results and want to say a massive thank you to all our customers. Your constant feedback and commitment to Pipedrive have been a huge driving force for our company.

Pipedrive is a CRM created by salespeople, for salespeople, and our vision is a world where salespeople everywhere can sell with certainty. We wanted to create a system that sales reps actually want to use.

It means the world to us to receive such positive feedback from our users and to know that we are fulfilling our commitment to making the lives of salespeople that bit easier.

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