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Finding the best CRM system for you

Implementing a CRM platform can feel like a big investment. How do you know you’re getting the best CRM for your industry and business needs?

The best sales management solution should be intuitive and customizable and offer templates, add-ons and third-party integrations to save you time and legwork.

With Pipedrive, you’ll find all these CRM features and more. Whether you’re a startup, a small business (SMB) owner or part of a corporation, Pipedrive offers a valuable CRM system that pays off.

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The benefits of a powerful CRM

A good CRM tool empowers salespeople to build stronger relationships and close more sales.

Here’s how a CRM solution can help your team improve customer interactions, forecast results and boost performance:

Look for a CRM with happy customers

No one can tell you how to find top CRM systems better than their customers. When you’re analyzing CRM tools, read reviews, testimonials and case studies to estimate the pros and cons of each system.

Current customers can shed light on a CRM platform’s ease of use, functionality and customer support.

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

LeadBooster add-on

Get more leads with this powerful and easy-to-use lead generation toolset. In addition to Chatbot and Live Chat you can engage inbound leads with your Web Forms, or find outbound leads with Prospector. LeadBooster can be added to any Pipedrive CRM plan. This add-on includes:


Live Chat


Web Forms


Live Chat


Web Forms

Starting from


per company per month, billed annually
or $39 per company per month, billed monthly

How consultancy firm Gray Matters increased its conversion rate by 50% with Pipedrive

Gray Matters owner Adam Graham knew the time had come to replace Google Sheets for sales tracking. The company needed a more robust system to manage customer information with full and easy customization.

With the pipeline management, customization and insights features offered by Pipedrive, Gray Matters increased its conversion rate by 50% in just 18 months.

“We’ve been using Pipedrive for 18 months now and are really seeing the benefits. We like it because it’s very visual, very customizable, affordable and it does what we need it to do.”

Read the case study

Gray matters case study

Find the best CRM for your industry

While evaluating a CRM, look at its success in your industry. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from professionals in your field.

For starters, ask the following questions when weighing different CRMs against one another:

  1. Is this CRM customizable enough to allow me to add any fields I may need?

  2. Is it appropriate and scalable for my company size?

  3. Can it accommodate my growth from a small business or startup to becoming an enterprise or a multinational firm?

  4. Can I get up and running with a minimal learning curve?

Read how Pipedrive helps clients achieve success in these industries:

How Pipedrive helps users grow revenue and optimize processes

Pipedrive is proven to help customers increase the value of the deals in their pipeline, secure more leads and close deals faster.

In nine months of using Pipedrive after a trial, users see the following results:


Almost double the number of deals in their pipelines


Deals closing in nearly half the amount of time


A 21% increase in the value of deals won

Used by over 100,000 companies in 179 countries

The ability to completely customize the data fields and workflow gives me a tailor made CRM. Much different than my past experiences with these types of programs! The mobile app is just as functional as the desktop version, and even has a few little extras.
CWChris WolpertManaging Member, Group Benefit Solutions
Pipedrive has been invaluable in helping us keep our clients happy. It's a really intuitive tool that's easy to use and quick to master. Perhaps the most useful feature for us is the flexibility and level of integrations it has. It's not just our CRM, it's part of our whole sales and account management process, so the ability to talk with the other tools we use is critical.
GTGuy ThorntonManaging Director, Picked Group Ltd
As a long time user of SFDC and other CRMs, I love the simplicity and intuitive nature of Pipedrive. My favorite feature is the automated pop-up forcing the next step.
RRRyan RobertsFounder & CEO, Bustld, LLC

Pipedrive’s awards

Industry-leading comparison sites and platforms continue to recognize Pipedrive as a top CRM. Pipedrive leads the way when it comes to customer service, ease of use and more.

Over 3,000 reviews & ratings

Highly rated by thousands of customers all over the world







Lead management DQ software reviews

Pipedrive rated best CRM for lead management

Pipedrive comes top in leading industry comparisons.

SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, named Pipedrive as an industry leader in its Lead Management Data Quadrant Awards 2023.

The highly detailed report uses review benchmark data from CRM software users.

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