Pipedrive Integrations Update: May 2017

Pipedrive integrations update May 2017


Pipedrive has added four new integrations this past month. Read on to discover how our partnerships with Paycove, Fonreach, Catalyst and Octiv can help your business thrive.


Paycove Integration

Paycove takes less than 1 minute to integrate with Pipedrive before you can start sending invoices, and does not require you or your sales team to change your workflow.

Send invoices by moving deals into the selected stage and get an invoice automatically generated with all the deal information (including products). 

Paycove allows you to get paid faster (on average collection times are reduced by 47.6%). 

We send the invoice, the invoice reminders and update the deal as activities are completed.

Paycove account detail
Paycove Invoice


Fonreach Integration

FONREACH is a global and feature- rich fully cloud based call center and office PBX service. 

Our low monthly charges make us an ideal add-on for your existing Pipedrive subscription.

  • Have you ever wondered if your sales team really made the calls they claimed?
  • Would you like to be able to listen into your sales calls directly from Pipedrive?
  • Would you like to track Pipedrive call activities and check if sales calls actually took place?

With our Pipedrive integration you gain full transparency of all your sales teams’ outbound and incoming call activities. 

It will take you less than 5 minutes to get all up and running.

Once activated all missed, connected, busy and not answered calls will be recorded in Pipedrive from where you will conveniently be able to create Pipedrive reports.

Fonreach Pipedrive Integration
Fonreach Pipedrive Integration


Catalyst Pipedrive Integration

Catalyst is a goal management and sales operations platform which is used by managers to track and improve their employees' productivity. 

Catalyst lets managers build real-time goal trackers, scorecards, TV channels and achievement alerts. It also keeps employees engaged using gamification features such as sales competitions, trophies, achievements, and leaderboards.

What this means for you, "Pipedrive user," is that now you can integrate your Pipedrive account to Catalyst, and get more value out of your data. Like organizing competitions on any activity tracked in your Pipedrive account, in minutes. 

Or deciding short and long-term priorities for your employees using Scorecards

Catalyst uses gamification to push your employees to perform better using achievements, trophies, and leaderboards. You can also recognize your best employees' contributions via the live TV Channels.

Catalyst Public Profile
Catalyst Competition
Catalyst Correlation Graph
Catalyst Scorecard


Octiv Logo

Octiv is an enterprise productivity platform that automates the creation and delivery of documents. Octiv powers documents for enterprises including General Electric and Siemens, and high-growth companies such as ZirMed and DoubleDutch.

Octiv connects to Pipedrive to boost productivity and streamline the sales process. This partnership provides Pipedrive customers around the globe with a single platform for all document creation, signing and storage needs. Use Octiv to create accurate and professionally branded presentations, quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices and more.

The Octiv-Pipedrive integration gives salespeople the power to create, send, track and sign sales documents online – on any device, anywhere. This eliminates manual data entry by automatically updating Pipedrive deal stages and logging every activity in CRM. This automated workflow saves hours of time and effort and ensures data quality and consistency.

Click here for more information about the Pipedrive + Octiv Integration.

Octiv Mobile Application