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Our dedicated learning library will help you explore how to take advantage of behavioral psychology, increase conversion rates with time-saving tactics and use the newest sales tools and tech to streamline your process.

CRM for startups
CRM For Startups: Do I Need One?
You’re considering a CRM for your startup, but you’re already stretched thin. You have questions. Why would you use a CRM? What if you’re too early in your startup journey to benefit from it? To help you answer these questions and choose the right CRM for your startup, read our guide.
CRM for Small Businesses
CRM For Small Business: Do I Need One?
You already know a CRM could be a game-changer for your company, but as a small business, you can’t afford to waste precious time and money on the wrong tool. So, what can a CRM do for you? How will you know which features you need for best results? How will a CRM fit into your existing sales process?
sales playbook
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Sales Playbook
A great sales playbook empowers salespeople to adapt to every selling situation. It acts as a go-to guide full of helpful resources to boost productivity and performance. In this article, we’ll look at what goes into a winning playbook, offering tips, examples, templates and how to measure results.
Marketplace Apps Spotlight June 2020
Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: June 2020
You can save some serious time and win leads with many of the automation tools that integrate with Pipedrive. Here are five that are new to the Marketplace, including a messaging tool and two automation tools.
Sales Tactics
11 Sales Tactics Proven to Fill Your Pipeline and Close Deals
Uncover effective, modern sales tactics that will help you qualify better leads, build more meaningful relationships with prospects and close deals. Read our in-depth guide to implementing the best sales tactics for your business and making your team follows them.
Cloud Based CRM
Cloud CRM Software for Sales: What is a Cloud CRM and Do I Need One?
Utilizing a Cloud CRM helps you lower your costs without sacrificing your sales. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what a cloud CRM is, the benefits it can have to your business, the challenges of implementing one and how to choose the right solution for your needs.
sales resume
Sales Skills Resumes: A Guide for Jobseekers and Sales Hiring Managers with Examples
In this guide, we’ll provide jobhunters with instructions on how to polish your sales resume and get interviews, complete with templates and examples. If you’re a hiring manager or a sales manager involved in the recruiting process, this guide also includes what to look for in a resume and how to find the candidates who are the best fit for your sales culture.
psychological selling guide
Psychological Selling Guide: How to Better Understand Your Leads
Read our in-depth guide to psychological selling and then download your collection of high-converting psychological selling guides prepared by sales experts. You’ll find a huge collection of guides arranged according to a multitude of different sales scenarios, and guidance on how to use different techniques to boost your sales.
sales cover letter
Sales Cover Letter Writing Templates & Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd
A sales cover letter is a chance to sell yourself. It’s an opportunity to personalize your job application and explain why you’re the best person for the sales job you want. In this article, we’re going to explain why sales cover letters matter, what sales managers look for in an ideal candidate and how to make your sales cover letter stand out.