Sales Tactics

We have a rule for the sales tactics we share: they must be practical, simple and inexpensive. Most will save time, boost conversion rates and automate your admin. You’ll find helpful how-tos for emails, calls, meetings and managing your workload.

Sales pitch
Sales Pitch: Examples and Ideas for the Perfect Pitching Strategy
In this guide, you’ll learn how to use the power of stories to drive decision-making and close more deals after the sales pitch. We’ll also cover the fundamental elements to include in your sales decks, and practical ideas on how to deliver them, with sales pitch examples.
Sales Methodology
Ask the Experts: Which Sales Methodology Do You Use and Why?
To find the right one for your business, you need to understand your product, your market and your ideal customer—and that’s just the start. We’ve asked some experts what their favorite sales methodology is, why, and how they implement it successfully.
Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy: The Ultimate Guide (with Examples)
In this guide, we’ll help you build the foundations of a strong sales strategy, so that you can generate more leads and win more deals. It will also help provide your customers with value at every step of the customer journey.
Hardest part selling
Ask the experts: What’s the hardest part of selling?
In this month’s article where we ask sales experts for their tips, lessons and experiences, we wanted to know what they thought was the most challenging part of selling. Here are their responses.
Sales Prospect
Sales Prospect: How to Define and Attract Ideal Leads
Having a pipeline full of prospects is useless if they’re not customers who need your product and are willing to hand over their money for it. Here’s how to define your ideal sales prospect and six techniques you can use to attract them into your pipeline.
Best sales deal
What’s the Best Sales Deal You Ever Closed?
The best sales deals stories will also often have a lesson that the salesperson took away from the experience: one which other reps can learn something from as well. We asked some selling experts to share their stories and the lessons they learned from their best sales deal.
Consultative Selling
Consultative Selling: How to Build Deeper Prospect Relationships
Why should you practice consultative selling instead of product-based selling? It’s all about relationships. Building lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers is the best way for your company to survive in the competitive sales industry. Read our in-depth guide to master consultative selling.
Automating Lead Generation
Lead Generation: Automating Your Lead Gen Strategies
The right process, tools and templates will help keep the right leads coming in, so your sales team stays productive and motivated. This is your ultimate guide to automating your lead generation strategy and prioritizing the leads you have.
B2B lead gen
B2B Lead Generation: Choosing the Best Online Business Leads to Work On
This guide will show you how to get good prioritization habits in place so you feel comfortable in handing over control to your team, knowing that everyone is working on the best online business leads for your B2B Lead Gen strategy.