Sales Tactics

We have a rule for the sales tactics we share: they must be practical, simple and inexpensive. Most will save time, boost conversion rates and automate your admin. You’ll find helpful how-tos for emails, calls, meetings and managing your workload.

sales playbook
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Sales Playbook
A great sales playbook empowers salespeople to adapt to every selling situation. It acts as a go-to guide full of helpful resources to boost productivity and performance. In this article, we’ll look at what goes into a winning playbook, offering tips, examples, templates and how to measure results.
Sales Tactics
11 Sales Tactics Proven to Fill Your Pipeline and Close Deals
Uncover effective, modern sales tactics that will help you qualify better leads, build more meaningful relationships with prospects and close deals. Read our in-depth guide to implementing the best sales tactics for your business and making your team follows them.
sales resume
Sales Skills Resumes: A Guide for Jobseekers and Sales Hiring Managers with Examples
In this guide, we’ll provide jobhunters with instructions on how to polish your sales resume and get interviews, complete with templates and examples. If you’re a hiring manager or a sales manager involved in the recruiting process, this guide also includes what to look for in a resume and how to find the candidates who are the best fit for your sales culture.
sales cover letter
Sales Cover Letter Writing Templates & Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd
A sales cover letter is a chance to sell yourself. It’s an opportunity to personalize your job application and explain why you’re the best person for the sales job you want. In this article, we’re going to explain why sales cover letters matter, what sales managers look for in an ideal candidate and how to make your sales cover letter stand out.
sell from home
Selling from Home: How to Do It and the Tools You Need to Stay Productive
If you’re selling from home or managing others in a remote work environment for the first time, it can help to remember that in a vibrant, fast-paced profession like sales, nothing ever stays the same for very long. So how can you master a new sell from home strategy and discover some of the remote working tools that will keep you productive.
cold email subject line
Cold Email Subject Lines: 7+ to Boost Open Rates
The first thing a prospect sees when an email lands in their inbox is the subject line. If it fails to catch your prospect’s attention, they probably won’t open the email. By integrating personalization, urgency and intrigue into your subject lines, you can increase the chances that your emails will be opened. Here are some examples of cold email subject lines to get you started.
Pipedrive Sales Quiz: April 2020
Keep your sales knowledge fresh and your mind sharp with our monthly sales quiz. Don’t worry if you can’t answer any of the questions, as we’ve included links to other articles so you can find out all about each answer.
Manage sales business COVID-19
Coronavirus: How to Manage a Sales Team through a Health Crisis
No matter the size of your organization, it’s likely you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s forced many of us to change the way we work and adapt to a sudden shift in consumer behavior. Learn how to manage your sales business through this global health crisis.
Reassure customers COVID-19
Coronavirus: How to Reassure Customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
How to reassure your customers, keep your team informed, adjust cold outreach messaging and promote useful products and services that could provide value during this crisis.