About Pipedrive

Pipedrive started with a quest for a sales CRM that helps reps on the front line close deals. We’ve come a long way in a short time, and we want to share the learnings from our successes and our failures to help you and your team grow.

Sales Forum
Join the New Pipedrive Sales Community to Connect with Other Salespeople and Share and Learn from Others
We’ve launched Community: A new forum where both amateur and professional sales and marketing people can connect, share what they’ve learned and discover new ways to improve and develop themselves.
Caller Update
Pipedrive has Updated the Caller Feature
Stay on the line when it matters most with Pipedrive’s updated Caller feature. Now you can choose to make a call from your Pipedrive desktop program or your smartphone app quickly and easily.
Pipedrive Insights feature
Share and Celebrate your Results with Pipedrive’s Updated Insights Feature
Keep everyone on the same page with Pipedrive’s updated Insights feature, which now enables you to share your Insights dashboards with colleagues, managers and even clients—even if they don’t have a Pipedrive account.
Product update app panels
Introducing App Panels: Get Useful Info from Apps Inside Pipedrive
Building on our App Extensions functionality, App Panels appear inside Pipedrive and show you helpful, context-specific information from connected external apps right there in the Deal, Contact and Organisation views. Find out more.
Pipedrive Launches Multiple New Features and Four Updated Price Plans
Pipedrive Launches Multiple New Features and Four Updated Price Plans
July 23, 2019
Announcing Pipedrive’s brand new four-tier pricing plans, with some fantastic features to help sales reps get more qualified leads into their pipeline and managers coordinate their sales teams. Here’s how the update can help you get even more out of your CRM.
experts partners
Choose an Expert Partner to Get Maximum Results Out of Pipedrive
Easily navigable via the Pipedrive Marketplace, we now have a community of expert partners ready and waiting to help you get the most out of Pipedrive. You can hire a partner that speaks your language in your region, who also happens to be an expert in your industry.
Introducing Pipedrive Academy: Free Video Tutorials on Sales and CRM
Pipedrive Academy is a new platform we’ve created to help you master sales and CRM. Full of video tutorial series covering everything from tracking performance to using automations in Pipedrive, Pipedrive Academy is completely free to use.
Introducing LeadBooster: Catch Hot Web Leads Before They Bounce
LeadBooster is a customizable, conversational chatbot that enables your business to automatically generate and qualify more leads, book more meetings and close deals faster. LeadBooster asks the essential questions and provides answers where needed, before handing over a qualified lead to your sales team.
The New Pipedrive-Xero Integration Simplifies the Invoicing Process
The New Pipedrive-Xero Integration Simplifies the Invoicing Process
We’ve combined the benefits of Pipedrive and Xero, making it really easy to generate and track invoices from within Pipedrive. You’ll also get a better understanding of the revenue coming into your company through your Pipedrive deals thanks to this new Xero integration.