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Exponential growth doesn’t just happen. Want to scale up fast? You need to prepare for a challenging ride. We want to help you navigate the journey and learn how to build your team, your processes and your strategy for lasting success.

B2B Sales B2C Sales
B2C vs. B2B Sales Jobs: What Are the Key Differences?
In this guide, we drill down into B2C vs B2B sales by exploring the types of sales activities and working environments you can expect and the key differences between B2C and B2B sales jobs. We also lay out some sales techniques you can use to ramp up your selling success.
Sales calendar
The Top Events for Your 2020/2021 Sales Calendar
Find the best sales events and conferences, both online and in-person, for networking opportunities and to help motivate and strengthen your sales team.
Box 2 Media Case Study
How Box 2 Media used Pipedrive to Double the Size of Their Pipeline in One Year
Box 2 Media grew turnover 167% between its first year, when the team was using a spreadsheet, and its second, when they switched to Pipedrive. Read their story.
sales kickoff
Sales Kickoff: How to Start the New Year with a Bang
Kick off your new sales year with a bang with our guide to sales kickoff themes and meeting ideas to energize your team. With the right sales kickoff agenda, you can be ready for growth in the new year.
mckeon group case study
How McKeon Group Grew Their Annual Revenue by 186% in Four Years with Pipedrive
Construction and building services company McKeon Group adopted Pipedrive when they set up their sales and marketing department in 2016. Now 26 team members use it to manage everything from sales to contracts, as they have increased annual revenue by 186% in four years.
medical sales
How to Become (or Hire) a Medical Sales Rep
Thinking of becoming (or hiring) a medical sales rep? Discover the skills, experience and qualifications you need to succeed in the medical sales field.
How The Pipedrive Sales Team Has Used Chatbot
How The Pipedrive Sales Team Has Used Chatbot to Qualify More Leads and Convert More Customers
We know that our Chatbot, which is part of LeadBooster, can help businesses to improve their lead generation process. That’s why our sales team uses Chatbot to engage web visitors—and they’ve already seen results, with more engaged, qualified leads starting a trial and more trialists converting to customers.
RMS Case Study
How RMS Are Using Pipedrive’s Lead Generation Tools to Streamline Conversions from Web Visitor to Qualified Lead
Asset reliability experts Reliability Maintenance Solutions (RMS) are taking full advantage of Pipedrive’s lead generation tools to improve their web experience for visitors and enable their team to engage with the right leads.
data protection rules regulations
B2B Data Protection Rules and Regulations 2020
Megan Bennett, Cognism’s Compliance Officer, guides you through the key regulations in B2B data compliance and what rules could be put in place in the near future.