Scale Up

Exponential growth doesn’t just happen. Want to scale up fast? You need to prepare for a challenging ride. We want to help you navigate the journey and learn how to build your team, your processes and your strategy for lasting success.

call center hiring
The Call Center Hiring Guide: Required Skills, Training and Duties
Today’s cold-calling sales pro has a vast array of tools and techniques at their disposal and needs a range of skills and attributes to succeed. It’s a specialized job and it takes a special kind of salesperson to do it well. We’ve put together this guide to help you find and hire sales calling all-stars.
call center skills
Call Center Skills: Find the Best Workforce and Tech
While setting up your own call center may seem like an overwhelming task, all you need are a few key ingredients: some knowledge, a solid sales process, a good team and the right technology. This article will walk you through the process of setting up a call center for your business.
call center training
Call Center Training: Get the Most out of Your Sales Team
When you’re running a thriving sales call center, preparation and practice can help you go from feeling overwhelmed to being confident and successful. Your call center sales agents are your safety net, and while a robust hiring process is indispensable, training staff is equally crucial to achieving a successful outcome.
Eye Hospital Denmark
How Eye Hospital Denmark Improved Their Patient Service With Pipedrive
A CRM’s potential isn’t just limited to the sales industry. Eye Hospital Denmark, the largest and oldest eye hospital in the country, was able to improve communication, workflow and sales potential with Pipedrive.
sales team organizational team structure
Sales Team Structure: Organizing Your Team to Scale Quickly
You don’t want your fast growth to start impacting your stellar sales results. Building a concrete foundation that will allow your sales teams to grow and multiply is essential to keeping up momentum. This involves a simplified and repeatable sales process, action-oriented team goals and a solid team structure. It also involves finding the right CRM.
How SobTIC Uses Pipedrive to be Smart About Selling Business Intelligence
How SobTIC Uses Pipedrive to be Smart About Selling Business Intelligence
Management consultants SobTIC practice what they preach when it comes to the best CRM to use for their business, and for their clients: Pipedrive.
How Vindi Used Pipedrive’s API to Create and Manage A Data Lake
How Vindi Used Pipedrive’s API to Create and Manage A Data Lake
When Vindi, a platform for managing subscription and recurring billing, were struggling with the flow of customer data, they created a “data lake” with the help of Pipedrive’s API
Manage sensitive sales deals
How to Manage Sales Data Without Micromanaging Your Sales Team
Any manager trying to scale up confronts the challenge of maintaining control without slowing things down. How do you maintain control of your data and your pipeline without slowing the growth of your business? Find out here.
Sales Meeting
Sales Meeting Ideas: Topics & Agendas to Motivate your Team
By effectively planning each meeting and motivating your sales teams, your meetings will be more productive. Your reps will be excited and ready to contribute to your sales meetings. In this definitive guide, you’ll learn exactly how to plan and prepare meetings that drive strategic results.