Case Studies

If you want to learn how to scale up fast, start by analyzing the success stories of brands who’ve made it happen. Below is a selection of inspiring case studies from businesses who started small and navigated the challenges of explosive growth.

React and Share Pointagram Case Study
How React & Share Started Hitting All Their Sales Goals
React & Share’s team were already using Pipedrive, but they used it to store data rather than manage sales. After recognizing the potential of Pipedrive as a sales tool, Teemu and his team started to use the CRM and Pointagram to blast through sales targets.
AGT Case Study
How AGT Engineering & Operations Services Grew Their Revenue by 161% with Pipedrive
Moving from spreadsheets to a CRM gave an Athens-based construction, facilities management and operation services firm a huge boost. Read their story in our case study.
Tiffany Largie Case Study
How Tiffany Largie Grew Her Business from Nothing to $2.5 million with Pipedrive
Tiffany Largie created a £2.5 million door-to-door sales business with Pipedrive’s help. She now uses the tool to manage her training and speaking engagements and encourages attendees to get Pipedrive. Read how in this article.
Document360 case study
How Grew Their Document360 Sales Team by 50% with Pipedrive
Document360, a product built by, is a standalone SaaS self-service Knowledge Base software. Find out how the Document360 sales team (whose members are adding new customers every month) has grown by 50%.
Pipedrive Belkins case study
How Belkins are doubling their sales efforts every year with Pipedrive
Adopting Pipedrive into their sales process has helped Belkins take a step towards their goal of becoming a global leader in lead generation consulting—especially as sales is such a big part of what they do.
The BlackTies case study
How The BlackTies Magically Increased Revenue by 120% with Pipedrive
High-end modern magicians The BlackTies have cast a spell over audiences in Sydney and Australia with their clever close-up tricks and incredible sleight of hand. However, before they got a proper CRM process in place, they were struggling to keep up with demand and many event opportunities were slipping through their fingers.
How eTribez Used Pipedrive to Find a New Level of Sales Success
How eTribez Used Pipedrive to Find a New Level of Sales Success
Learn how eTribez used Pipedrive to scale their sales process and centralize all of their data into one singular hub to become the market leading cloud software provider in the entertainment industry.
Eye Hospital Denmark
How Eye Hospital Denmark Improved Their Patient Service With Pipedrive
A CRM’s potential isn’t just limited to the sales industry. Eye Hospital Denmark, the largest and oldest eye hospital in the country, was able to improve communication, workflow and sales potential with Pipedrive.
How SobTIC Uses Pipedrive to be Smart About Selling Business Intelligence
How SobTIC Uses Pipedrive to be Smart About Selling Business Intelligence
Management consultants SobTIC practice what they preach when it comes to the best CRM to use for their business, and for their clients: Pipedrive.