Managing Your Details Pages Just Became a Lot Easier

Pipedrive product update deal details

When we released our new details view in late 2014, we focused on providing clear visibility into your deal, person and organization details on a single page – and aimed to make adding these details easy, quick and painless. Customer feedback over the last two years shows that our efforts were largely successful, but there was one niggling concern.

We hadn’t got the left-hand column in the details view quite right.

While it works as expected, we want you to be able to add details as quickly as possible, without do-overs or confusion, and in that regard we felt there was room for improvement.

Small things matter when it comes to user experience

We felt the existing layout of the left column was somewhat confusing and made it difficult to see what’s going on when adding text content to blank fields. The fact that the edit button only appeared when hovering over the label of a particular field was also far from ideal.

As things stood, the information on was placed on the left and the labels on the right, but our research shows this is actually counter-intuitive. So we’ve given serious thought to how we can improve the usability, look and feel of this column.

We realize this is a feature you probably use multiple times a day, so the decision to change it was not taken lightly.

Here’s what we’ve changed:

We have widened the column and changed the layout so that the labels are now on the left, with the related information on the right.

We’ve locked down label positions and tweaked the layout so that you can easily scan what you are entering during the process – thereby making inputting and editing your data easier and faster. This means you can get it right the first time, every time. The update further ensures that the label of the field you are working on is always visible, independent of other factors, so you’ll always have a visual reminder of what it is you’re editing.

We firmly believe that these improvements will streamline the editing process significantly and would love your feedback.

Take a look at this before and after image:

before and after your managing details page


How will this affect you?

When adding deal, person or organization details you will immediately notice that we’ve moved some of the buttons and text fields around. Nothing that was there is missing and there is nothing new either.

While some users may find this new layout odd at first, our tests show that, within minutes, you should be adding and editing details much faster than before. 

The widening of the entire column means there is more space to work in, so fields and text will feel less cramped, drop-down menus will show more visible items and there will simply be more information visible at-a-glance at any given time.

The updated layout will also make it much easier for you to read the saved details when looking at a deal, person or organization.

How do you get this upgrade?

We will switch all users over to the new view automatically, but we will be doing so in batches over the coming week. Please bear with us until you see the changes on your detail pages.

Happy Closing ;)