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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: March 2021

Automate your processes and save time and money with these five new Pipedrive integrations. Get caller information with Labelcall, sync LinkedIn and Pipedrive with LinkPort, create surveys and more with MightyForms, reduce your video meetings with StoryXpress and get rid of pointless software spend with SubOps.

  1. Labelcall
  2. LinkPort
  3. MightyForms
  4. StoryXpress
  5. SubOps


The Pipedrive-Labelcall integration helps you acquire more qualified potential customers so you can develop your business. Instead of answering anonymous calls, you’ll be able to greet your customer by name and offer them exactly what they’re looking for before the first question is asked.

Configure your profile in three simple steps and use all the possibilities of the Labelcall application.

  • Manage prospects and sales opportunities
  • Automate repetitive activities
  • Define the items that will be displayed with an incoming call
  • Serve more customers at the same time
  • Add transaction notes
  • Expand your customer database

Find Labelcall in the Pipedrive Marketplace and try it out yourself.


LinkPort is a free tool that allows users to import LinkedIn contacts and prospects to Pipedrive in a few clicks. Pipedrive fields like first name, email, phone number and organization will be filled in automatically if they’re already on the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

With LinkPort, you can:

  • Stop switching between LinkedIn and Pipedrive to import contacts
  • Have more time to hunt for LinkedIn contacts
  • Reduce manual copy-pasting work

Try out LinkPort to see if it works as your LinkedIn-Pipedrive solution.



MightyForms is a form builder that makes it easy to create online forms, automate tasks triggered by submitted or abandoned forms and track form analytics—with no coding necessary.

Online forms are essential for businesses of all sizes as every company needs to collect and report data in one way or another. From simple contact forms to complex client intake forms and surveys, you can choose a ready-to-go template and customize it to match your business with MightyForms.

Connect with over 3,000 apps to streamline your processes and collect contact information from submitted or abandoned forms that can be sent automatically to Pipedrive.

It only takes minutes to create a form, so try MightyForms now and get 30% off.


StoryXpress is an end-to-end video platform that lets you upload or record your videos, analyze them, add a CTA and host them in a premium environment.

Pipedrive users can reduce the number of meetings and video calls they do with video messages.

  • Quickly send personalized video pitches to high-value clients
  • Replace redundant introductions with pre-call video intros
  • Make engaging video follow-ups and assess lead interest using video engagement tools
  • Send video cold emails and score leads with granular analytics

StoryXpress seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive, enabling users to:

  • Add Pipedrive forms to Videos, capture leads and save leads in Pipedrive
  • Send StoryXpress videos in Pipedrive campaigns
  • Automatically track videos sent to users, tagged through email addresses, to understand how they’re responding to videos—there are analytics for each individual user

Head to the Pipedrive Marketplace to try it out.



SubOps is a Slackbot that hunts down any wasted software expenditures so you don't have to.

It's perfect for business owners, as well as finance and ops teams. You receive timely alerts and weekly reports on inactive users as well as empty seats. SubOps is free to use until it finds you at least $500 in savings, and then there’s only a small annual fee thereafter.

Install in less than 60 seconds and start seeing benefits for G Suite, Zoom, Salesforce, Zendesk, Dropbox, Pipedrive and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Save money on inactive user subscriptions
  • Don’t waste hours reviewing subscription usage data
  • Get an updated subscription report in Slack every Monday
  • Get an automatic Slack alert when any subscriber hits 15 days inactive
  • See your latest report anytime by typing /sub

After you find $500 in savings on us, upgrade to an annual monitoring plan for 50% off using code "PIPE50" when installing from the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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