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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: September 2020

There are now over 200 apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace. In the latest app spotlight, we check out five apps that can help you drive your sales and marketing efforts.

  1. Enlyft
  2. Glances
  3. Presentigo
  4. Simplii
  5. Vxt

1. Enlyft

Pipedrive Enlyft

Enlyft helps B2B Sales & Marketing teams identify and engage the accounts most likely to purchase their solutions. Built with AI at its core, the Enlyft platform provides access to real-time company insights, including firmographic information, technology usage, purchase intent and more.

The result? Insights that enable sales and marketing teams to more effectively identify, prioritize and engage prospective accounts.

The integration allows you to:

  • Access Enlyft’s account insights directly within Pipedrive, including which technologies your accounts are using, buying intent, detailed company information and more.
  • Save time on account research by surfacing key company insights within your Pipedrive organizations, deals or leads.
  • Keep your CRM data up to date through regular syncs with Enlyft’s real-time database.

To learn more, check out Enlyft in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

2. Glances

Pipedrive Glances

Glances unifies your apps in a simplified, easy-to-use single customer view that provides real-time data within Pipedrive from any of the other apps you have that are critical to your business.

Being a no-code solution, it only takes minutes to connect your first application and start using Glances. Go to any page with an email address on it and click on the Glancey stamp next to the email to open your single customer view.

Find Glances in the Marketplace and try it yourself.

3. PresentiGO


PresentiGO is a cloud-based web DMS and multiplatform application that runs sales content online or offline and is accessible from anywhere.

In meetings, salespeople can directly collect data about interest in products, share marketing and sales files, and automatically send all data and meeting reports to Pipedrive.

PresentiGO’s Main Features:

  • All meetings created in Pipedrive automatically sync to the PresentiGO app, and after the meeting, all details are sent back to Pipedrive.
  • Salespeople can use price proposal sharing, a unique sales feature. Price proposal sharing helps share price proposals with large-sized content (videos, images, pdf files) in one bundle via a weblink and tracks customer interaction and analytics.
  • PresentiGO provides meeting analytics, which helps managers better understand how sales activity occurs in meetings.

Check out how PresentiGO can help you stay prepared.

4. Simplii

Pipedrive Simplii

Simpli is an all-in-one integrated VoIP solution. Simplii is offering 75% off for 3 months and 25% off afterward (offer expires 10/31/20).

Key Benefits

  • Desk phones, softphones, Fusion mobile for Road Warriors, scheduled texts, canned messages, Advanced Queues, Call-center, Click to call/text, call-pop, calls/SMS logs, text from any number, department texting, receptionist console, conference bridge, listen-in, whisperText and Local presence, voicemail drop, voice broadcasting
  • SMS auto-responders for Missed call and after-hours calls
  • 24/7 Local phone support

Just head to the Pipedrive Marketplace to get started.

5. Vxt

Pipedrive Vxt

Vxt takes the hassle out of managing your voicemail by converting your voicemail to text, allowing you to save multiple greetings and helping you to automate administrative tasks.

With Vxt you can read and play back all your voicemail while inside Pipedrive, making it even easier to keep track of all your customer communication. Contacts are automatically created when you receive a message from someone new.

You can access your voicemail with Vxt’s Android, iPhone and web apps, via email forwarding, and by connecting your other favorite services.

Vxt is currently available in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Check out Vxt on the Pipedrive Marketplace to start saving time today.

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