Product Update: New and Improved Data Import

Having reliable, up-to-date data is key to the success of any business. We’ve made a huge improvement to our data import functionality, allowing you to upload your data easily, determine exactly what is missing and replace or fix issues.

Here are three reasons to celebrate:

New, fail-safe user interface

Fix issues during import rather than after the fact by using our intuitive, user-friendly data importing interface. This can be done by using the standard Pipedrive data syntax, or you can map it manually during the process.

Full visibility into the import process

Manage every step of the data import, with clear visual information, deep labeling and mapping systems that ensure your data is imported exactly the way you want it. See how many records are created, merged or skipped while you have full access to your data import history for future reference.

Easy duplicate and error management

During import you can preset what happens to duplicate data. Would you like it merged or prefer to have separate entries created? Our system allows you to download an error file that clearly show erroneous entries, fix them and resubmit them to the system.

In addition, we cater to the error-prone by giving you a generous 48 hours to rollback any data upload, resetting your system to its previous state and letting you breathe easy. We also protect the integrity of the data with a queuing system that allows for one file at a time to be uploaded, meaning there is little chance of cross-contamination.

We know you're going to love this new feature, and we are waiting to hear from you. We'll be rolling this feature out to our existing customers over the next few weeks while all of our new customers will automatically have the new functionality. In the meantime, check out the great video our knowledge guru James Campbell produced to give you better insight into these new features, or you can read our comprehensive FAQ on the new functionality.

And if that's not enough, we've created a sample spreadsheet that you can use to base all your future imports on. You can get that here.

Happy importing.