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How SobTIC Uses Pipedrive to be Smart About Selling Business Intelligence

When you’re selling a management consultancy service that helps your clients improve their sales process, you need your own to run like a beautifully calibrated Swiss watch. You need your sales process and your CRM to be efficient, automated and perfectly integrated with the rest of your company systems.

If you don’t practice what you preach, how could a customer trust you to refine their own sales process?

SobTIC founder Luan Rodrigues de Jesus faced this exact challenge. He needed to tackle two vital objectives:

  • Simplify, strengthen and scale his own company’s sales process
  • Find a CRM that SobTIC could confidently recommend and implement for clients

“Before Pipedrive, we didn’t use any kind of CRM tool. All opportunity management was done through email, WhatsApp and telephone in a reactive and not very structured way. Even when using strong methodologies, the lack of a tool made the process tiring and inefficient,” explains SobTIC Founder, Luan Rodrigues de Jesus.

If you’re struggling to measure and track your sales process, it can be almost impossible to improve it. Luan knew his team needed a tool to improve their efficiency and agility because the ability to act quickly often meant the difference between winning and losing deals.

“The success of the sales team is directly related to the fast understanding of the needs of the business, when we decide if we can meet the business management expectations of the client or not, and which resources are necessary. This is what defines the game and if we are going to win or lose the deal,” says Luan.

The challenges and joys of adopting a CRM

Luan wanted to find a CRM his entire team would be genuinely happy to use.

He also needed a CRM that would be easy to update for traveling salespeople as well as in the office. Like any experienced sales manager, Luan understands the importance of getting your team to adopt a new system wholeheartedly.

“When we began using Pipedrive, the fact that we could centralize all information in one tool and have it in one place, whether on the desktop or mobile app, was essential in helping us adhere to the sales process in the tool. Besides that, the low learning curve and the constant evolution of the app allowed us to produce more and better,” Luan explains.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however, and learning when and where not to use a CRM is often a very important lesson.

As Luan describes it, the initial love affair with Pipedrive was strong. The SobTIC sales team started to complicate their sales process by adding more and more data into the tool. But focus and simplicity are still important—even when you have technology with powerful capabilities.

“Our biggest problem was understanding that the tool needs to be used with focus and the fact that just because it manages activities so well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that activities that are part of other company processes should be [in Pipedrive].” says Luan.

Once he’d identified how to keep the team’s sales process nice and simple, Luan managed to build a strong habit of using Pipedrive as a singular hub to house all sales data.

Implementing integrations allowed Luan the flexibility to adapt the system to his teams more specific needs, rather than trying to mould everything into Pipedrive.

Why SobTIC’s move to a higher Pipedrive tier was so important

Luan soon realized a Pipedrive upgrade could provide the engine to fuel the future growth of SobTIC’s business, as well as the sales processes of their clients.

“Using the new plan has been helpful since the beginning. We saw that its functionalities met the requirements of our business, and every time a new feature is launched our performance gets better. The secret lies in knowing how to use it,” says Luan.

Luan repeatedly stresses the importance of good communication with clients, and how managing this sales communication is vital to successfully delivering SobTIC’s services. He points to the ability to sync emails and track conversations as a game changer for sales managers using Pipedrive.

“We now have an efficient and productive work environment because we have answers in real time. We can track both the files and links sent to customers, which makes all the relevant information available during the sales process,” Luan explains.

“With company email synced to Pipedrive, the tool makes the relationship with clients efficient and simple. The flexibility of this communication—even when it comes to client email preferences—allows us to be more productive. I see the time-savings on a daily basis.”

Luan likes to think that they’ve managed to strike the perfect balance between methodology and practicality.

“We use Spin Selling techniques together with the activity based sales method to manage the whole process, almost like a sales kaizen with one well-executed step at a time,” he adds.

Luan is also a big fan of the Smart Contact Data feature, which automatically finds information about prospects and adds it to customer profiles in Pipedrive—another massive efficiency win during the lead generation process, as otherwise this research would have to be done manually, which can be incredibly time-consuming.

“Using the Smart Contact Data functionality has rapidly become a habit because it is a practical way of identifying the customer. With it we can understand the size of the company and how it communicates, therefore being able to qualify it quicker and better,” he says.

This quick explainer video walks you through the time-saving potential of Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data feature.

Customizing your sales process can charge up your conversions

Luan’s team has built a sales process aligned with the idea of kaizen: a philosophy of continual improvement. The Japanese philosophy refers to activities that continually improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO right through to junior staff members.

SobTIC has managed to integrate all aspects of their business with their CRM through the judicious application of customization and Pipedrive’s easy-to-use API.

“We personalized Pipedrive using the API to initiate the administrative processes of the company, be it in the integration with ERPFlex, as is the case with ContaAzul, or with process management tools, like Pipefy,” lists Luan. “This makes business management more efficient and effective.”

He also places a high value on making sure the sales team’s administration work is accurate and up to date. Without clean and current data reporting and forecasting becomes a nightmare.

“We currently use the Slack integration a lot, as it allows the sales process to run smoothly and provides relevant information for the administrative processes of the company.”

A strong, successful sales process can always be optimized

While Luan is rightly proud of his company’s success, his entire team is driven to keep pushing for faster growth. There are still a number of improvements Luan wants to see in the near future, starting with some serious work on automating many aspects of SobTIC’s workflow to provide a more scalable sales foundation.

Workflow automation is a resource we want to use more in 2019, not only because it is a new functionality option, but also because we really want to make the most out of automation to get updated information to instantly supporting other business processes.

We see this feature as something crucial to keep our communication with the customer accurate and informed. Workflow Automation will allow the optimization of the Spin Selling strategy we use in our commercial process and improve our sales even more.”

Trust Pipedrive now to drive lasting growth

SobTIC has taken the leap from just using Pipedrive to manage their own sales, and now the team uses Pipedrive as an integral part of the suite of solutions they offer to their clients.

Along with other industry-leading software like MailChimp and ContAzul, Pipedrive has helped SobTIC develop a thriving, market-leading position.

So should you trust Pipedrive’s to simplify and scale your sales operations?

Let’s leave the last word to Luan:

“Our description of Pipedrive to anyone is the same: it is a tool that fully enables the potential of people who want to sell.”

You can start streamlining your sales process and trial Pipedrive free for 14 days right now.

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