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How Talent Savant’s Remote Team is Revolutionizing Recruiting

Talent Savant is a staffing agency with a genuine passion for their clients. Their role is to align companies in need of fresh talent with skilled professionals.

The team strives to make these matches with fee transparency and speed, while maintaining a strong human touch. Instead of matching a ‘resource’ with an ‘FTE’, each candidate is vetted for their technical skills AND their cultural fit for the business and the role.

Talent Savant operates in all 50 US states but Founder & CEO, Ingrid Johnson isn’t about to stop there.

The company has strong ambitions, with growth projections of over 1,000 employees in 2019 and plans to expand internationally.

But scaling a team of recruitment professionals is a serious challenge. Matching the right candidate for the right business is an intricate process with a unique set of steps.

Talent Savant needs a consistent workflow and the team needs to make sure things are done consistently, in order, and on-time.

How Pipedrive Simplifies the Recruitment Management Process

We caught up with Talent Director, Brian Kopp, to discuss why Pipedrive was the perfect solution to help the team at Talent Savant scale their business and maintain their quality processes as more new starters joined.

Brian is responsible for developing and optimizing the team’s workflows. He explained to us just how high the stakes can be to a manager responsible for a recruitment process and offered some specific insights for us to share with you and your team.

One of Brian’s biggest challenges is something you are probably familiar with...

Talent Savant needs to understand precisely which stage each client is at in their process at any given time.

Different team members need visibility over this pipeline to consolidate communication, remove double handling, and meet the expectations of the candidate and the recruiting business.

“Administrative blunders and time delays can be catastrophic in the recruitment business. Days (or even hours) could be the difference between landing or missing a superstar hire. You can’t afford to miss a follow-up email or call because of a messy process.” - Brian Kopp, Talent Director at Talent Savant

Apart from prospecting calls, emails, meetings, and contract exchanges – Talent Savant has a number of specific activities to complete at critical stages of their process. Pipedrive helped Brian and his team turn this requirement from an administrative nightmare into a clean and simple workflow.

A signed statement-of-work defining their involvement with each client is an important requirement during the process and Pipedrive turns this into a simple, quick procedure. Talent Savant can facilitate the collection and archiving of this document with ease. Anyone working on a contract can be notified to finalize the statement at the most ideal time during the process.

With Talent Savant’s previous CRM, these administrative requirements would often slip through the cracks. Documents would be lost, filed incorrectly, or forgotten altogether.

Pipedrive has helped Talent Savant clean up and standardize these types of procedures across all team members - giving the business a strong foundation to scale the team with confidence.

Usually, Talent Savant finds organizations with current vacancies through online channels like Linkedin and Indeed. Now, the company’s entirely remote team of proactive recruiters can take advantage of a popular Pipedrive integration named LinkMatch.

“The LinkMatch integration proves invaluable to our process by allowing us to migrate new contacts directly from LinkedIn to our Pipedrive account.” - Brian Kopp

Fast and simple data entry turns a CRM into something your team actually wants to use

This simple, automated data entry produces more accurate information and better data quality assurance – at an exponential quicker pace. Integrations like LinkMatch give managers the flexibility to customize their CRM to suit their specific process. In this case - Talent Savant removed the need for leads to be input manually.

“Our previous CRM was a failure because data entry was a nightmare, nobody wanted to use it. Pipedrive’s ease-of-use is amazing. I can see clearly which stage every deal is at in the pipeline and the next activity needed to move it forward.” - Brian

Pipedrive’s simplicity encouraged the Talent Savant team to develop consistent habits. Because the app is so easy to use, the team actually feels supported by their CRM rather than dreading the prospect of opening their tool each day.

Talent Savant’s process for selecting the right CRM

Brian’s criteria for finding the right system to manage the recruitment process was clear.

The ideal CRM for his team would allow for:

  • Quick visibility of all deals and their current state
  • Record of the types of outreach each employee is conducting
  • Client Interaction notes and email trails
  • Clear reporting of key staff metrics.

Talent Savant train new employees remotely so an intuitive interface was high on Brian’s CRM wish list.

“I can show a new team member one time how to enter a deal or bring in a contact. They pick it up right away.”

Talent Savant’s Finance team also gravitated to the structure of Pipedrive’s billing. Not only was Pipedrive one of the most attractively priced solutions, but the month-to-month subscription model with no lock-in contract meant one less financial commitment to worry about.

After Brian shortlisted a few options, Pipedrive emerged as the logical choice based on the criteria he had set. Talent Savant then conducted a rigorous validation process, with testing by a group of business development team members, and Brian set to work on constructing a workflow inside his Pipedrive trial account as well as setting up activities for each stage, weighted probabilities, and rotting deal notifications. Once Brian understood the power of Pipedrive’s reporting and tracking capabilities, he could immediately see the value-add for the company’s operations.

“Because all of our staff are remote, the ability to monitor deal activity is so important. I especially love the rotting feature. My team and I know exactly when we need to take action before it’s too late. This allows us to grow our team fast without the risk of crucial deals falling through the cracks.”

The ease of use and speed of set up made the choice to commit to Pipedrive simple, but the instant access to high-quality customer support sealed the deal.

“Honestly, being able to click the question mark inside Pipedrive and getting a hold of support straight away is a huge selling point.”

How Pipedrive is helping Talent Savant optimize to grow even faster

Ingrid and Brian are hungry for more success.

Talent Savant is set up to keep growing fast across the US and into international markets. Brian knows he needs the systems and processes in place to handle this expansion, so he is constantly looking for new ways to make his workflow even more efficient.

The incredible Pipedrive Support Team has become an invaluable resource for Talent Savant. Brian and his team can lean on the product experts behind that in-app ‘?’ to work through any problems or ideas.

Brian also used the help of Pipedrive’s Sales and Customer Success teams to help him refine and improve their process and related workflow to the point where he is confident enough to get a new remote-working team member up to speed with the CRM in less than a day. All he needs is an hour or two of screen-sharing over a Zoom call.

Pipedrive’s customizable reporting allows Brian to oversee the team’s completed activities in real-time. He can see snapshots by week and by month, and he can also drill down into deal progression by recruiters and business-development staff (even though they all work remotely).

“The quick view of deal notes is also vital for a manager like me. All of our users aim to use Pipedrive email sync for the majority of their correspondence. Pipedrive’s dashboards and reporting features give me a bird’s eye view of the entire team’s activities so I can see when a deal is likely to be won or closed, when they’re actively working with a client and when they have roles in which they’re actively trying to fill.”

This visibility allows Brian to make fast and informed decisions based on accurate information. He can see which areas of the pipeline are converting well and double down on this strength. More importantly, he can also spot the weak areas and tweak the process to drive meaningful positive change. With Pipedrive, Brian can find the right level to pull, then pull it fast knowing the change will be consistently reflected across the business.

We asked Brian how he would describe Pipedrive to a friend who might be looking for a new CRM. He manages to sum up the value of Pipedrive for Talent Savant’s team in one sentence:

“Easy to use, quick and accurate reporting, and the ability to see deal progress in one simple snapshot. Simple.”

Test your own workflow in Pipedrive with a 14-day free trial

You can follow Ingrid and Brian’s lead and start building a scalable process right now.

Find out why Pipedrive is perfectly suited to managing recruitment.

You can trial the top-rated CRM free for 14 days. That’s plenty enough time to set up your very own customized pipeline to match the key stages of your process. Like Brian, you can test the app with all of your team to see how it suits your workflows (and you can chat to our wonderful support team whenever you run into a question as you go).

This could be the foundation you need to fuel the next-level growth you’re driving for.

We’d love to be sharing your inspirational success story in 12 months time ;)

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