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Uncover Vital Information about Organizations that Land on Your Site with our New Web Visitors Add-on

Our new Web Visitors add-on uncovers previously anonymized information about the organizations visiting your site, including how they found you, what they engaged with and how long they stayed.

With the right tools, like our LeadBooster add-on, you can engage, convert and discover key information about visitors to your website. However, there are always people who spend time on your site who don’t reveal any information about themselves by filling in a Web Form or communicating with a Chatbot.

These people may spend a long time searching through your website, but if they don’t leave you with any contact information then you lose the opportunity to connect with them and get them into your sales funnel.

That’s where Web Visitors comes in.

What is Web Visitors?

Web Visitors enables you to discover organizations from your website traffic that previously remained hidden, anonymous or unconverted.

It tracks companies that visit your website, how they found out about you and your website, what they engaged with and how long they stayed.

You can then use these insights to optimize your site’s content and tailor your outreach to new leads or existing customers, anticipating their needs before you even make contact.

Web Visitors will automatically rank organizations based on their web activity. However, you can also use custom filters to segment your visitors by properties such as URL visited and organization location to help your sales team target their most ideal leads.

How can I benefit from Web Visitors?

The most obvious benefit of the add-on is that it gives you the company names of visitors to your website and reveals what on your site interests them. Using this information, you can better understand your visitors’ purchase intent and reach out to them with the right messaging.

Understanding the purchasing intent of your visitors is not only beneficial for brand new leads but also organizations that are already in your Pipedrive contacts. For example, if a lead or existing customer who has gone cold suddenly gets tracked by Web Visitors, you know it’s time to reignite your relationship by reaching back out armed with the knowledge of what they engaged with.

In addition to your sales and success teams, Web Visitors can also support your marketing teams. Say, for example, an email, google or social campaign, or a website with strong domain authority links back to one of your website’s pages. You can use Web Visitors to identify the organizations coming to your site through that link and then tweak the page accordingly to support your new audience. This also allows you to gauge the success and effectiveness of a campaign or third-party website in directing traffic to your site.

Web Visitors can also help you optimize your website in other ways. Perhaps you have a Web Form on one of your product pages, a product that’s tailored to a specific customer persona, but the Web Form isn’t driving many leads. With Web Visitors, you could check to make sure that the customers you want to find the page are doing so, based on the companies that Web Visitors uncovers.

If not, you know you need to make the page more discoverable; if they are finding the page, perhaps you need to update the web form or the product description.

It’s insights like these that make Web Visitors such a powerful tool.

How do I use Web Visitors?

Web Visitors, which is powered by Leadfeeder, is an add-on that is separate from our LeadBooster add-on. It intelligently works out how many unique identifiable organizations you get to your site—after ISPs (Internet service providers), crawlers, and other unidentifiable web traffic are removed—and determines a price based on that.

Here’s what happens when you set up Web Visitors:

  1. Install a tracker script on your site
  2. We identify companies that have visited your website
  3. We rank your visitors based on their web activity, so you know who to focus on first

Web Visitors is available to all Pipedrive users as a purchasable add-on. For more information on how to use it and stay compliant, read our guide to web visitor tracking.

This article was published on October 4, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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