We’re Moving To New York (And We’re Hiring)

Manhattan Skyline


Pipedrive is a global SaaS provider to many thousands of small businesses around the world. The majority of our customers are outside of North America and our company started in Tallinn, Estonia where the majority of our employees reside. We’ve localized our application into 10 languages and we have multilingual support and customer success teams. So, with this global footprint and such a talented team managing our diverse customer base, why should it matter where Pipedrive US employees live and work?

When I agreed to join Pipedrive as CEO earlier this year, I was living in New York City. Since joining the company, I've had the chance to do my job from New York and from our Menlo Park, California office. In both of these locations, communicating with team members in our Tallinn office in Estonia takes up a significant part of the day. My experience in New York was that I could communicate with Tallinn for almost half the day without people on either side having to wake up very early or work late at night. But in California, there is a 10-hour time difference with Estonia so we are routinely rising at 5:30 a.m. and asking Tallinn to speak with us late in their evening.

One of the most important ingredients to success for a high-growth company is communication. The more we coordinate our work, the more successful we'll be, because lack of communication increases frustration and kills productivity. We want to, and need to continue to be in good sync across our two offices. If this is a given, a bigger team in both of our offices means increasing challenges with early starts on the West Coast of the US and late hours in Estonia.

Long story short, we've decided to move the US operation of Pipedrive from Menlo Park, California to New York City. Many of the team members in California will relocate to New York. While there’s going to be a transition period for everyone involved, we are planning to open the New York office in August.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make as it disrupts business as usual for a while. It also means parting ways with some great colleagues who can’t move for one reason or another. But it’s the right choice for Pipedrive and our customers.

And as we make this transition,  we’re actively looking for talented people to fill our New York office. We’re hiring for several marketing, sales, design and web development roles and we’ll be adding more open positions shortly. If you were considering joining our team, all our US-based open positions are now for the New York office.

See you in New York.