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What's New on Pipedrive Mobile

Pipedrivers love our mobile app, which is why we’re always finding ways to make it better. Now that 2018 is upon us, we’ve compiled our sweetest mobile updates for iOS and Android in case you missed out on them!

Check Pipedrive Mail in a single view

Our Apple loving Pipedrivers can now view Mail directly in the iOS app, making it easier than ever to stay responsive while on the move. Get all the information you need from correspondence history to deal details directly in the iOS app. No app switching necessary!

In case you’re not an Apple fan, you’ll be glad to hear that our team is currently working around the clock to get Android users the same functionality in early 2018.

Launch the app from any link, anytime

External links to Pipedrive, whether from emails, messages, or anywhere for that matter, just became an instant gateway to your app.

Unlike our previous versions of the app, you can now click on any Pipedrive link to instantly launch our admin killing CRM. This awesome time-saving feature works on both Android and iOS.

Connect your phonebook to Pipedrive

Android users can now add contacts to our app directly from their phonebook. You can bulk add and select exactly which contacts you want to migrate, allowing you to seamlessly transfer info from your device with our savvy mobile CRM.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and let our app do the admin work for you.

See who’s calling, and who’s been called

Seeing the bigger picture is simpler than ever now that both our iOS and Android apps support caller ID. You can now immediately see if a Pipedrive contact is calling thanks to this latest feature. Plus, our Android app takes it a step further, allowing you do the following as soon as you receive a call from a potential lead:

  • See if you have open deals with the caller.
  • Log the call to Pipedrive as soon as it’s done.
  • Receive a notification when you miss a call from a lead.

Plus, with the latest version of the Android app, incoming calls get logged too. Plus, you can now log calls made outside the Pipedrive app. Happy call logging, and we hope to bring this feature to our iOS users as soon as Apple makes it possible.

Tidy up contacts by applying filters

Android users can now filter People and Organization lists as conveniently in the app as they can on their desktop. There’s no need to stay behind your desk to stay organized, and this feature helps you stay on top of your game while on the move.

More to come in 2018

Last year was packed with plenty of new features and added functionalities, and this year we have even bigger plans for both iOS and Android. Leave nothing to chance, and be sure to an eye out for bigger and better time saving mobile updates.

This article was published on January 31, 2018. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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