How Calldrip Uses the Pipedrive and Help Scout Integration

How Can Calldrip Help You?

Calldrip is a company that allows you to connect with leads while they are still on your site. 

Once you connect any page, whether it be a social media, landing page, or your homepage, Calldrip will forward the leads to your cell phone, giving you the lead’s name and source. They have locations in both the U.S. and the U.K. and work with many different sectors, including retail, healthcare, finance and technology.

Up to 71% of the leads your company generates could be wasted. 

Calldrip’s mission is to increase awareness and ensure that all leads are contacted within seconds of the initial inquiry — all that you have to do is answer the phone and Calldrip takes care of the rest. 

But how exactly is “the rest” handled?

It’s not an easy feat — which is where Pipedrive’s and Help Scout’s integration comes into play.

What’s the high-level benefit of integration Pipedrive and Help Scout?

Calldrip has an amazing customer retention reputation and we’ll do anything to keep our customer happy while they are using our breakthrough software. 

Since we have implemented the Pipedrive and Help Scout integration, we’ve accounted for even higher customer retention rates.

Essentially, the integration connects our sales and support teams. In Help Scout, we can easily see notes from Pipedrive that provided our internal team with background information on each of our customers. These notes allow our team to personally communicate with our customers and truly provide a one of a kind customer support experience.

Did you have an “aha” moment when you started using Help Scout & Pipedrive together?

The reason we love Pipedrive is similar to why we love Help Scout — the simplicity. We’ve tried a ton of different CRM solutions in the past — we have our outside sales team, they’re growing quite fast — and just looking at cost, Pipedrive was very affordable. Even on top of that, we found that before, we were trying so hard to get the team trained. Pipedrive was so much simpler, whether they’re tech-savvy or not, they can get up and running .

How does the Pipedrive integration with Help Scout help you work more efficiently?

Integrating Pipedrive with Help Scout does a phenomenal job of keeping our sales team on the same page as our support team. Our support team can monitor the activities planned to help close deals, right where they’re responding to customers.

A huge benefit is being able to track the deal status. Our team loves being able to click over, jump right into the Pipedrive record, and get the necessary details.

What types of challenges was your team facing before implementing Help Scout?

We were with Zendesk before and we didn't have the integration with Pipedrive, which we needed in order to connect our sales and support teams. 

From the sales side, they’re required to log any time of communication inside of Pipedrive. So now this opens the lines of communication since anything on the support side can be seen by sales and vice versa.

Which of the four KPIs have seen noticeable improvement since the adoption of Pipedrive and Help Scout (number of deals/size of deals/sales velocity/conversion rate)?

Conversation rate and customer retention. We have more visibility between our support and accounts team and our sales staff which has created better communications with the customer and has resulted in higher conversion rates and improved customer retention.

Customer retention is up almost 10% since the move to Help Scout. This is attributed to new processes that we have put in place as well as having the Pipedrive and help Scout integration available.

What first sparked your interest in Help Scout?

We were evaluating help desks based on the integration with Pipedrive - that was non-negotiable for our team. When we saw the integration in action and saw that Help Scout was as easy to use as Pipedrive, we wanted to move forward with it as our solution.

How does Help Scout help you and your team in your day-to-day roles?

The biggest help has been on our monthly reports that we generate. The CSV exports are now used in the reports that Brad (teammate) generates each month. We also use the reporting on a daily basis to quickly check metrics and progress towards team goals. Everything in Help Scout is designed so nicely — there was no need for training.

What are your favorite Help Scout features, and how do they help you with your daily workflow?

  • ’@’mentions: builds on the ease of internal notes, and lets you loop multiple teammates into customer conversations
  • CSV Export: Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file
  • Multiple Mailboxes: Manage email for multiple brands, sites or departments all in one place
  • Tags: Categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger Workflows
  • Notes: Private communication between Users that is not visible to the customer

Can you speak more to how CSV downloads and reporting, specifically, help keep your team on track?

The updated Help Scout reporting features have been extremely helpful to the Calldrip team. Each month, we download a CSV report that reflects performance for each of our internal Help Scout users. 

This helps us track performance and provide additional training where needed. It also allows us to reward great performance and commend employees for a job well done.

We also heavily track customer satisfaction with the new CSV export feature to ensure each of our valued customers are satisfied with the customer support they received.


Integrating Help Scout and Pipedrive allows your teams to stay on the same page and respond to customers faster.

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