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Share and Celebrate your Results with Pipedrive’s Updated Insights Feature

Keep everyone on the same page with Pipedrive’s updated Insights feature, which now enables you to share your Insights dashboards with colleagues, managers and even clients—even if they don’t have a Pipedrive account. You can also display your results on a monitor in your office to encourage competition and help everyone track progress towards your goals.

With Sharable Insights, you can give access to your live Pipedrive dashboards to anyone with an internet connection. These customizable dashboards will update in real-time, as the data is updated in your Pipedrive account, allowing you and other parties to be informed and agile.

Creating a link is simple. Just click the ‘Share dashboard’ button at the top right of any Insights dashboard view in Pipedrive and then select ‘Get link’ on the button that appears. You can copy any link onto your clipboard to share with people.

Concerned about who could get access to your results?

You can create more than one sharable link for each dashboard you have (multiple dashboards is available on our Professional plan). So, for example, you could share one link with your manager so they can access your results at any time, and another with an investor for a quarterly review. When you’ve completed the quarterly review, you could delete the link giving the investor access, without revoking your manager’s access.

You can even rename each link so that you know who it’s been shared with and for what purpose. All the links you’ve created for a dashboard will appear in a list view, enabling to you manage them quickly and easily in Pipedrive.

How can you use Sharable Insights?

Sharable Insights helps everyone in your company stay on the same page. Even people who aren’t on Pipedrive can access the dashboards you share.

As well as keeping your colleagues and managers up to date with your progress and sharing insights for reviews, there are plenty of ways to use the updated feature:

  • Add real-time data to sales presentations—no more static screenshots
  • Assess every team’s dashboard in company meetings to check progress against overall goals
  • If you’re a reseller, inform clients how their products are performing with your customers
  • Display an Insights dashboard on a monitor in your office space to motivate your team

When combined with the Custom Fields feature, also available of the Professional plan, you can share data and insights that are specific to your business using Sharable Insights.

Insights enables you to create powerful, interactive, custom reports and dashboards, providing you with deep insights into the data you need in order to build a complete picture of your sales success. With the update, you can now share these insights so that your whole team, company and pretty much everyone else can benefit.

This article was published on March 13, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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