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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: July 2022

Marketplace Apps Spotlight July 2022
Lead Nurturing by FILT Pod

Integrate Pipedrive with three new tools to track customer feedback, nurture LinkedIn leads and build documents.


Simplesat is the fun and easy tool that helps you gather and monitor CSAT, CES (Customer Effort Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback.

Simplesat’s suite of customer feedback management features includes:

  • Powerful surveys easily customized to match your brand

  • Detailed feedback reporting

  • Real-time alerts through email, Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • One-click feedback publishing to display testimonials on your website in real time

Simplesat's Pipedrive integration gives you the ability to sync contacts to Simplesat and update contacts with rating details, so your team has full control and transparency over the customer satisfaction experience.

With the Pipedrive-Simplesat integration, you can:

  • Sync contacts to Simplesat. This allows you to put recurring NPS email surveys on autopilot.

  • Send rating details to any contact custom field. Update “Latest NPS” or “Latest CSAT” fields to aid with follow-up workflows or reporting.

  • Add contact notes with rating survey responses. Make it easy to see a customer’s rating history.

You can try Simplesat free for 14 days in the Pipedrive Marketplace to start understanding customer feedback.

Lead Nurturing by FILT Pod

Integrating Lead Nurturing by FILT Pod with Pipedrive provides an efficient, actionable step to help you nurture multiple LinkedIn prospects at once.

By simply saving your prospect’s LinkedIn profile link on Pipedrive and switching on the Lead Nurturing feature, you will see their latest LinkedIn post directly on the software. You can then monitor and nurture them at scale with relevant response suggestions generated by FILT Pod. These engaging comments are available for you to copy and paste as soon as you check for recent posts from your prospects.

You’ll move leads along your clear and organized sales pipeline on Pipedrive faster, no matter which phase they’re at in your pipeline, as you can continue to appear in front of them on LinkedIn.

Get free, unlimited access to one of FILT Pod’s top features, Lead Nurturing, during your 4-week trial period. After the 4-week trial, you can nurture up to 10 leads at a time and have data on your prospects’ LinkedIn posts scraped once per week.

Integrate Lead Nurturing with Pipedrive in the Marketplace.


airSlate empowers teams of all sizes to create simple or complex document workflows when integrated with Pipedrive.

airSlate combines powerful document generation, web forms, an online PDF editor, redlining, eSignature, no-code workflow automation, and more, into a single, unified solution.

By introducing its cutting-edge document automation capabilities to Pipedrive processes, airSlate allows Pipedrive users to:

  • Create documents and packages of documents using document generation for PDF templates, web forms, spreadsheets and more.

  • Route documents between CRM contacts and internal and external recipients.

  • Create new and update existing Pipedrive records based on data entered into a document’s fillable fields.

  • Save documents to Pipedrive records or an external storage service.

Find out about airSlate in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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