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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: May 2020

Our Monthly Apps Spotlight introduces some of the most exciting and helpful new apps you can integrate with the Pipedrive CRM to customize and automate your sales process.

Find step-by-step installation guides for all of the featured apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Here are this month’s new apps:

  1. Channels
  2. EasyCSV
  3. Flatly
  4. WeMapSales

1. Channels

Channels is a calling app designed to make sure your customer insights are at hand when you’re on the phone and help you close your deals.

Channels helps you get ready for every call. The app connects to your Pipedrive account and collects crucial customer data stored there. Then, whenever a prospect calls or you call a customer, you’ll get an overview of all their information and past interactions. With this setup you’ll be always ready, even when someone calls you out of the blue.

Additionally, Channels helps you automate and speed up the sales calls process by allowing you to make one-click calls with the Click-to-Call Widget. This feature is a simple Chrome extension that lets you make calls from any webpage you’re on. You simply click on phone numbers that appear on the website you’ve visited and automatically make calls. Combine it with Pipedrive to make calls directly from your internet browser.

Try out Channels today by installing it from the App Marketplace.

2. EasyCSV

EasyCSV is an automation tool that enables you to get data into Pipedrive from spreadsheet files (CSVs or Google Sheets). This integration allows anyone on your team to easily import spreadsheet data into your Pipedrive account.

Key points:

  • Set up an import form in less than 2 minutes
  • Map spreadsheet columns to Deal, People and Organization fields in Pipedrive
  • Get an email address you can send attached CSV files to and have them auto-import into Pipedrive
  • Combine and transform spreadsheet data to make new values
  • Clean and extract parts of text from spreadsheet values
  • Filter out unwanted or bad data before importing
  • Import up to 10,000 records per CSV or Google Sheets File

Try out spreadsheet imports with EasyCSV in the Marketplace.

3. Flatly

Flatly automatically exports and syncs full Pipedrive data sets to popular cloud drives such as:

  • Google Drive (includes Google Sheets)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (includes Excel Online)
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Storage
  • Amazon S3 Storage

Power users who seek to uncover deep insights from their Pipedrive data can access custom analytics dashboards. The app also makes connecting Pipedrive data to BI apps easy:

  • PowerBI
  • Google Data Studio
  • Tableau
  • Qlik

Flatly offers a simple point-and-click interface that sets up a Pipedrive data sync to run every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily. What makes Flatly different is that it syncs full data sets, as opposed to only single rows.

See how it works by installing Flatly from the Marketplace.

4. WeMap$ales

WeMapSales brings geographic-visualization and analytics to Pipedrive by allowing you to visualize your data and activities on a detailed map.

Using the app, you can geo-analyze your sales, automatically create and manage territories in a map-based interface, and more.

WeMapSales offers single sign-on access and a tight integration with Pipedrive which keeps your data automatically updated.

Maximize the effectiveness of your sales team with WeMapSales. Register today for your free trial from the WeMapSales Marketplace page.

This app is free for 90 days and for only $10/user/month for the first year. (Deal correct as of 19/05/2020)

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