Activate the Rebuilt Smart Email BCC and New Detail Views

This post only applies to users who started using Pipedrive before Dec. 18, 2014. If you joined afterward, the Smart Email BCC and new detail views are active on your account and there is no need for manual activation.

Late last year, we completely rebuilt the Smart Email BCC feature, as well as our detail views. The new Smart Email BCC feature is more reliable, easier to use, and gives you more control over linking emails to deals. The new detail views are faster, smoother, and give you better information quicker.

What’s changed: Dropbox vs. New Smart Email BCC

Emails instead of ‘Activities’

Instead of emails, the old Dropbox system created “Activities” in Pipedrive and the contents of the email went into “Notes.” Moreover, there could only be one contact connected to the email, not two, three or more, which often happens with email communication.

The new Smart Email BCC creates emails in Pipedrive, and you can have multiple contacts associated with those emails. Attachments are tied to emails. One tiny but noticeable difference is that as we’re able to differentiate between attachments and inline logos, and inline images are not in the files list anymore.

Better email forwarding

The old Dropbox didn’t allow forwarding in an easy way. If you forwarded an email to your Dropbox address, the email was hard to find and required manually linking. If you forwarded the email to the deal-specific address, you couldn’t see who sent you the email (sender displayed as you instead of the original sender).

Now, we’re able to parse forwarded emails with the Smart Email BCC – we’re able to understand who the original sender was and link it to the relevant contact in your People list.

All your emails in one place – the Mail Page

Previously, there was no central place in the old Dropbox to see all the emails related to Pipedrive, your contacts, and deals. Instead, you had to check deals one by one to see the email conversations with your customers and prospects.

Pipedrive Mail Page attached image
Pipedrive Mail Page with attached deal

With the Smart Email BCC, we have a dedicated place for displaying all Pipedrive emails – the Mail page. There, you can see if emails link to a deal – a money bag icon will indicate whether an email is linked to a deal or not. If the email is not linked, you can easily create a new deal or simply select an existing deal to which you can link an email.

Connect With A Deal

Activate the new Smart Email BCC feature here.

What’s changed: Detail views

We felt that a redesign was necessary for the detail views as the old detail views detracted from the user experience. With the new design, you’ll get more done in fewer clicks.

The first major change you can see is that emails in the new detail views look a lot better and are easier to distinguish.

In the old detail views, we used to have tabs for different kinds of activities. At the heart of the new detail views, we now have “the Flow” and each item, activity, note and email just appears once on the timeline.

Pipedrive new detail views
New detail views

With the redesigned headers, scheduling new activities, adding files and notes is far easier and requires fewer clicks – simply click the activity you want to edit. Thus, changing the deal stage and moving deals from one pipeline to another is quicker.

The sidebar containing deal participants, organization and contact data is now customizable, and you can easily reorder the blocks to your liking.

You can also add profile pictures to your contacts, either manually for each contact separately or by pulling the images automatically from Gravatar and Google Contacts.

Add photo to Pipedrive
Adding images to contacts

The new detail views are a lot smoother and faster. First, clicking on a deal in the pipeline view no longer requires loading the whole page, which means faster navigation. Second, the new pages change in real-time, so whenever someone edits a deal or a contact, you will see the change live without having to refresh.

Overall, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts, making the decision to turn on both the new Smart Email BCC and the new detail views a no-brainer.

Turn on the new features here.

If you have questions, please post comments below or contact Pipedrive support.