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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: February 2019

Our Monthly Apps Spotlight introduces the most exciting and helpful new apps and integrations you can use to customize your Pipedrive sales process.

You can find step-by-step installation guides for all of the featured apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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Appy Pie’s Connect

Connect is an integration platform that allows you to link different apps to one another so that you can automate certain tasks and save time. You can connect to over 100 apps (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Slack, Dropbox etc.) and program your own automations.

You can automate data flow between Pipedrive and any of these apps, setting up workflows called ”Connects” with a combination of triggers and actions. Setting up a Connect doesn’t require any coding knowledge, just a few clicks.

Connect offers a Team Feature, which enables your team to collaborate on workflows.

The following connectible apps are in development status and will soon be available: QuickBooks, Xero, Hubspot, Intercom, Mixpanel, Pendo, Facebook Messenger, Setmore, Patreon, MySQL, Odoo, Google Hangouts, Manychats, Mindbodyonline, Wave, SmartSheet, Weebly, Autotask, Facebook Groups, Mailerlite, Wordpress, Outlook 365.

Find Appy Pie’s Connect in the Marketplace and start collaborating with other apps.


Front makes it very easy to collaborate on emails using group email addresses or your individual work email.

With Front, you can easily assign messages to teammates, get input on internal comments, and automate tracking and other tasks. Front transforms your inbox into a place where you can get work done as a team.

Front’s native integration with Pipedrive brings your CRM to your inbox:

  • Get context on Pipedrive contacts, deals and activities so you can write more informed responses
  • Edit records directly from your inbox to save time on updates
  • Log activities in Pipedrive to have complete visibility on your pipeline

Messages sent from Front look like standard emails, and if you work with leads over other channels like SMS or social media you can pipe those into Front to manage all your customer conversations in one place.

Want to check it out? Head to the Marketplace and try Front free for 14 days.


Heptaward helps sales reps who want to motivate, stimulate and make work more fun by broadcasting your team’s achievements within the Heptaward social network and on your screens—all in real time.

With Heptaward’s Channels feature you can broadcast your team’s KPI’s on all of your screens. Selling becomes more exciting when you can watch yourself on TV.

Heptaward directly connects to Pipedrive in one click: Sales rankings, leaderboards and latest activities are already available, with no configuration needed, so nothing will get missed.

The Heptaward team is currently working on a new feature that will make it possible to integrate the app with green screen technology.

Act now and use the Promo code PID50 to get 50% off all Heptaward plans when prompted during a purchase on Heptaward’s website.

Take a look at Heptaward in the Marketplace.


MRPeasy is a cloud-based production planner for small manufacturers with 10-200 employees. You can manage production, stock, customers, purchases and finances directly from MRPeasy’s self-service manufacturing software.

Dedicated to changing the reputation of MRP (manufacturing resource planning) systems as being complex, difficult to use and expensive, MRPEasy is built to be powerful, affordable and user-friendly.

Pipedrive and MRPeasy can be integrated so that sales are done in Pipedrive, while production planning, inventory control, purchasing management and order fulfillment bookkeeping is done in MRPeasy.

MRPeasy also has a suite of online resources, including demo videos and guidelines on how to get started.

The team behind the app are constantly adding new features that have been requested by clients, or to keep up with manufacturing trends. The most recent was a Standard Accounting module.

See how MRPeasy can help you out on the Pipedrive Marketplace.


SendPulse is a marketing platform that combines email, SMTP, SMS, Viber and web push communication channels.

With the SendPulse app you will be able to export contacts directly to a SendPulse mailing list in one click, or use the automatic synchronization so that when Pipedrive is updated with new leads and deals the data is transferred to SendPulse automatically.

After exporting contacts, you can send emails or text messages to leads from SendPulse’s web interface. You can also set up autoresponders that will begin email series after new contacts are added to the mailing lists.

This app comes in handy for sales representatives who want to go above and beyond regular customer-merchant relations, and send clients registration follow-ups, thank-you emails or take advantage of the other marketing tools SendPulse has to offer.

Visit the Marketplace to see how Sendpulse can help you organize your conversations.

Yooba Slides

Yooba Slides is a sales engagement tool that qualifies your prospects and deals. With Yooba Slides sales reps can see:

  • When a prospect has engaged with sales content
  • How to prioritize deals in the sales pipeline
  • Which prospects to call every day

All this sales collateral is accessible through Pipedrive.

After selecting a sales activity, Yooba Slides users can choose from a number of presentation templates, input their content, and share to prospects with one click.

In addition, automatic follow up activities are created when a set target of engagement has been reached.

Find out more about Yooba Slides in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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We have over 130 apps and integrations to help you bolster your sales process. Remember, you can customize Pipedrive to suit your specific sales process with all of these integrations right now.

The apps are neatly categorized to help you easily find the type of tool you’re looking for. You’ll find simple instructional guides and step-by-step installation advice to help you speed up your Pipedrive sales process in a matter of minutes! Make your way to the Pipedrive Marketplace to try them out today.

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