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In case you missed It... Pipedrive updates February 2021

At Pipedrive, we’re always improving our features to best serve customers. At the start of this year, we made changes to the Goals feature, improved Insights and updated our lead generation features. Here are the important details.

We’ve made improvements to insights and added Goals

Set goals and track your team’s progress in Insights

Let’s start with a change we made at the end of 2020, when we launched a new, improved version of Goals, which is now in Insights. With Goals, you can keep track of your Deal and Activity progress.

Here are the updates we made to the Goals feature:

  • When you add a goal, you’re immediately taken to the tracking goals view to see your progress, so there’s no need to search for it
  • There is no limit to the number of goals you can add
  • You can edit goals as targets and expectations change, instead of having to delete them and create them anew
  • Managers, as well as admins, can now easily set, monitor and update their team’s goals
  • The new user interface enables you to see progress immediately

Goals is available to all Pipedrive users, while Team Goals is available to users on our Professional and Enterprise plans.

Read about the improvements we’ve made to Goals in our article.

Set up revenue-forecasting goals

Users on our Professional and Enterprise plans are also able to set up goals related to Revenue Forecasting.

You can set revenue-based targets for yourself or your teams and keep track of them over time and increase motivation.

This data is based on the expected close date you can configure in your deals.

Edit the date period on your reports and dashboards

You can now create custom time periods for your reports and dashboards in Insights with the added ability to edit the date.

Changes to help you generate leads

Simplifying the Leads Inbox menu

To help you focus on the lead information that matters, we’ve removed the extra sub-menu in Leads Inbox and moved the categorizations of your leads to the same area as your filters.

New lead-focused (fully customizable) Automations templates

We’ve created some new templates in the Automations feature to simplify your lead generation and management process.

For example, using one of the personalized email templates that pre-fills with your contact’s info, you can set up a workflow that:

  • Sends that email to the Lead’s email address whenever the label is changed to a specific type of label
  • Schedules an activity to, for example, call the lead to follow up about the email

Lead automation options with Zapier

As well as better Automations options, we’ve also worked with our integration partner Zapier to make lead management even simpler.

Using Zapier, you can create new Zaps (what Zapier calls each automation integration) between Pipedrive and many of your other tools, so that when a new lead is created in your Leads Inbox it will trigger an action in your other tool. Alternatively, you can set up a Zap to create a lead when something happens in another tool.

Here are a few examples of what Zaps could do automatically:

  • Create a new lead in your Pipedrive Leads Inbox every time someone engages with an advert you’ve created using Facebook Lead Ads
  • Send a Slack message when a new Lead is created in the Leads Inbox
  • Send an email through Gmail when a new Lead is created

We’ve made importing spreadsheets much easier

It’s now easier for admins to import spreadsheets into Pipedrive. Now, you no longer have to navigate away from the import screen to create custom fields that match the data in your imported spreadsheet.

Check out our recent webinar with our VP of Product

Finally, if you missed the live session with our VP of Product Krishna, where he talked about the Pipedrive improvements coming your way in 2021, click here to watch it.

This article was published on February 4, 2021. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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