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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates June 2020

June has been a bumper month for Pipedrive updates. We’ve added some new features, improved existing ones and revamped the user interface. Watch the video and read the article below to find out more.

Leads Inbox

We’ve added a brand new leads management feature to Pipedrive, which is available to all our users: Leads Inbox.

Leads Inbox enables you to upload and store any leads who aren’t at a stage in your sales pipeline, so you can keep them fresh and declutter your pipeline view.

Leads Inbox lists all your leads based on the activities you have scheduled, but any new leads you add appear in bold at the top of your Leads Inbox with a blue circle so that you can strike while they are hot. You can either manually add leads or import a spreadsheet to fill up your Leads Inbox.

Leads can also be set to automatically flow into your Leads Inbox from our LeadBooster Chatbot. All you have to do is set up the save location of your Chatbot playbook as “Leads”.

Read our article on Leads Inbox to find out more.

Company-wide app extensions

Are you using an app extension from our Marketplace that will benefit other Pipedrive users in your company?

Now you can share your apps with your colleagues by changing the Privacy settings in your Marketplace Manager view.

Data fields

The Custom Fields and Important fields sections in settings have been combined and renamed to “Data Fields”. We’ve updated Data Fields to give you more control over your data entry.

Now you can select what type of data profile you want to create a custom field for, and then define if you want other users to be prompted to use this data field when creating an entry.

Say you always want to have the industry field tracked in organizations. You can make sure that it appears not only when people go to create a new organization, but also when they create a new deal or person. You can also set this field to always be visible even if it’s empty and then set it as an Important Field, so users are reminded to update the field at all times.

As an added bonus, your settings will also now be reflected in your Pipedrive Mobile app.

Filters for deactivated users

If you have deactivated a user in Pipedrive and they used to own a lot of data, you can now find their data under the deactivated users filter, which is available in all of your filter views.

Products feature improvements for Advanced users

If you’re on the Advanced Pipedrive plan, you may have noticed some improvements we’ve made to the Products feature, where you can create your own customized catalog of products that you sell.

We’ve added new Category and Description data fields to the product entry page. You can still add any custom fields you want.

When you view deals that are associated with a product, you can now customize the columns to reflect your needs—and whenever you export this list it will reflect your custom columns.

You can search for products that you want to add to deals in the deal view by their name, code or category.

Products in Workflow Automation

Products also now work with the Workflow Automation feature. So if, for example, you need a specific product to be attached to a deal when it hits a certain stage in your pipeline, you can set your workflow to do it automatically.

Workflow Automation visibility for Professional users

Users of our Professional plan can also now define data visibility when setting up their Workflow Automations so certain groups can’t access and see things such as deals or activities that are created by a particular automation.

Followers on the mobile apps

Pipedrive mobile app users on both Android and iOS can now follow any item in Pipedrive, including a deal, person or organization. You’ll get notified whenever an update is made to that item. This was already possible in the web version of Pipedrive.

Android users, meanwhile, can now utilize Labels for their Contacts and add other Contacts as Participants to a deal.

Want to see what other recent improvements and updates we’ve made? Check out our last round-up article on everything new between January and May this year.

This article was published June 4, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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