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In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates May 2021

We’ve made some big improvements to Pipedrive over the last month. Smart Docs enables Advanced, Professional and Enterprise users to better manage their documentation processes, while our new Mentions and Comments feature keeps teams better informed.

Smart Docs Pro and Smart Docs Basics

We’ve upgraded, tiered and renamed our Sales Docs feature, creating Smart Docs Basics (now out of Beta!) for our Advanced Plan users and Smart Docs Pro for our Professional and Enterprise users

Smart Docs Basics includes the following features:

  • Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data. Send quotes faster with less manual work and fewer errors and edits.
  • Know when to act fast. Get notified about document views so you know when prospects are close to closing.
  • Find docs easily. Store quotes, proposals and contracts in Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint

Smart Docs Pro includes all of the above plus the following additional features:

  • eSignatures. Allow recipients of your shared documents to sign them electronically, no plugins needed.
  • Unbranded sending. Remove the Pipedrive logo when forwarding your docs or requesting eSignatures.
  • Internal team sharing. Permit other users on your account to use and edit your saved templates.

Check out the new Smart Docs feature here.

Keep colleagues informed with in-app Mentions and Comments

Want to notify a team member about something that has changed in Pipedrive? Your colleagues will now be notified if you use the ‘@’ symbol and that colleague’s name in an update you’ve made to Pipedrive or a note you’ve added to a Pipedrive entry.

When you use the @ symbol to tag someone else, a selection of your team members’ names will appear in a drop-down list, making it quicker for you to find the person you are looking for.

Users tagged in a mention can reply by posting a comment on the note, which will send a notification to the note creator.

You can also ‘@’ other people in your comment if you want them to see it and they will also be notified. After you’ve commented on the note, you will receive a notification every time someone else adds to the thread, even if they don’t ‘@’ mention you.

Read more about in-app mentions in the announcement post.

This article was published on May 6 , 2021. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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