7 Sales Productivity Tools to Save You from Drowning in Admin

7 Sales Productivity Tools to Save You from Drowning in Admin

How much time do you have to waste?


Thought as much. Sales is not the most relaxing profession.

Ultimately the less time you spend on admin and reporting - the more time you have free to move deals along.

We want to help you use some simple technology hacks to invest in surpassing your sales targets. Beating, not just meeting your targets is the way to get more of those commissions.

The most successful salespeople embrace new technologies to get the edge over their competition. If there’s any new opportunity for you to reduce the time you spend on admin or increase the time your dedicate to closing - you need to take that opportunity.

Here are a collection of tools that kill a variety of tedious admin tasks dead in their tracks to help you:

  1. Know what to say quickly for personalized outbound conversations
  2. Spend time on the right prospects
  3. Never retype or the same info again
  4. Get the latest intel on any prospect with a click
  5. Stop asking your whole team the state-of-play on an account
  6. Say goodbye to copying contact data manually from a business card
  7. Never rewrite substandard emails about the same things to new people



1. Know what to say quickly to personalize your outbound conversations

Want to know what tools your prospects use?

Or see their company revenue at a glance?

Datanyze’s free Chrome Extension instantly reveals valuable high-level information about the company of the website you're browsing.

You can see things like revenue, employees and current technology providers to quickly access more of the right info, helping you better understand the context of your lead’s situation. This knowledge will translate to more targeted conversations with your prospects.


2. Spend more time on the right prospects

Of course you want to dedicate your precious time to the prospects most likely to convert

We just happen to partner with a super-helpful web visitor tracking company who are focused on improving your lead qualification.

Leadfeeder isolates your most interested website visitors based on their behavior, eliminating your guesswork and the time you waste chasing otherwise cold prospects or uninterested web browsers.



Auto Text Expander

3. Never retype or copy and paste the same information again

Sick of typing and retyping conference call numbers and product and service summaries?

Well, there’s no need to anymore! Simply create your own unique keyboard shortcuts using this Auto Text Expander extension. It’s free and you only have to create each one once so it’s a winner for making auto-population a daily time booster.


4. Get the latest intelligence on any prospect with a click

Want to stop wasting hours of your week just searching for info about your leads and prospects?

Do you Google search, scour publications and check your LinkedIn frantically before key meetings, all for the elusive nugget of insight that might land you the deal?  

How about if there was a quicker way to do all that in one click?

Well Happy Birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah rolled into one!

There is such a time-saving, research-abolishing, admin-killing tool.

Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data automatically populates your CRM - if you use Pipedrive - with the latest intelligence for your contact from Google and LinkedIn in one click. I’ll just leave this little video explainer here (and if you want, you can trial it for yourself)

Nectar Desk

5. Stop asking the whole company the state-of-play on an account

Selling something new to an existing customer but you have no idea about their latest interactions with you or your team?

You need to know what has been happening with an existing customer before your next conversation. This background context can be the difference between closing a deal, nailing an upsell or losing a red hot lead altogether.

Want an ‘always-on’ way for your team to stay in the loop with current prospects?

You can integrate many of the major sales CRMs with other tools to automatically feed through more game-changing intelligence from one central point.

The perfect time-saving example: integrating your helpdesk with your CRM.

No nonsense call center apps like Nectar Desk integrate with CRM’s like Pipedrive to make your helpdesk conversations part of your everyday professional weaponry of “inside knowledge”.

"Nectar Desk can be set up to integrate with CRMs in minutes so you can make calls and send sms without leaving your CRM interface. Calls are logged automatically to save salespeople time. You can see the latest conversations that have been had with your customers company-wide, and you need never disturb all your colleagues with a million questions about last interactions again.” Andriy Azarov, CEO - Nectar Desk

Setting the tone for introducing new products or services just got a lot less time consuming.

Business Card Reader

6. Don’t copy contact information from a business card ever again

Ever been at a conference and found yourself filling your pockets with business cards from new prospects only to cringe at the thought of copying them out later?

Now you can scan business cards in just two taps of your Business Card Reader.

Take a photo using your mobile and get contact data directly imported into your CRM, (it integrates with Pipedrive of course).

“Make light work of networking and scan business cards and send all data straight to your CRM. That means no admin for later or bunches of paper cards in your pocket. It even adds info that isn’t even mentioned in the business card! Does your competitor have such an advantage?!” Yuliana Kovalyshyn, Marketing Manager - Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader syncs social media profiles, company info and more. Pretty cool.

Not a Pipedrive user? Similar tools and integrations are out there. Let’s face it, copying existing information is no longer a task we humans need to battle through. You’ll find a workaround for most existing software platforms.


7. Never rewrite substandard emails about the same things to new people

Pipedrive is purpose-built to give you and your team a step-by-step sales process that provides clarity, focus - and above all - huge time savings.

Email templates should be a no-brainer for any salesperson, and this is table stakes for nearly all sales CRMs. However, not everyone takes advantage of these built-in timesavers. You need to make the most of your CRM’s email templates to help you scale your communications at speed, while still maintaining a high quality standard.

Why not set up a series for your sales team, or just for yourself. After every single use you’ll be so thankful you don’t have to use any brain energy rehashing the email you’ve drafted a thousand times.

Instead you can use all of your creative thinking on developing your witty personalized intro. Nice touch ;)

If you want to start customizing your existing email communications to establish some simple templates - we’ve dedicated an entire article to sharing 5 sales email templates you can use straight away.

(Pipedrive also enables customizable email signatures, two-way email sync, clicks and opens of communications… I could go on - but I think I should stop now!)

BONUS TIME-SAVING TIP: Don’t forget to save time offline too!

Don’t lose days to travel time

You needn’t ever be offline if you’ve got a mobile phone,  but if you have several journeys a week by car or train, you’ll lose lots of time you could have spent on valuable sales conversations.

Scheduling meetings on various different days can mean hours - even days - lost to travel.

Don’t just accept this disruption. These delays might be completely unnecessarily.

If you or your sales team dedicate, say, two days a week to out-of-office meetings, (dependent on how many meetings you have per week), you could slice your travel time into a small fraction of the burden you’re currently dealing with.

There are two main benefits to batching sales meetings by day:

  1. No disruption to your productivity on the days you do spend in the office.
  2. Multiple meetings in one city or region means only one journey there and back - or simply less time on the road.

Trial Pipedrive to better organize and optimize your time so you invest it tracking to sales goals - not squandering it on admin!

The right CRM can save you from drowning in administration. The best software acts as a virtual personal assistant, a guided process and a champion to support and empower your sales.

Here’s just a slither of the ways Pipedrive can help you slash the hours and hours you and your team waste on repeatable manual tasks:

  • Access to intelligence anywhere, anytime via the mobile app
  • Contact timelines for a quick sequential view of contact interactions
  • See what was said, and when via emails synced by contact and deal
  • Multiple visual pipeline views so you can track progress from one place
  • And so much more...

Trial Pipedrive free for 14 days right now