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SMB Sales: Why the Average UK SMB is Losing £15,000 Every Month

The sales industry has come such a long way since the days when door-to-door selling was the only option. Sales has adapted to embrace every new technology: telephones, computers, the internet and now artificial intelligence.

At Pipedrive, we wanted to find out more about how SMB sales professionals are adapting to new technologies to make selling easier, so we commissioned new research, commissioning YouGov to survey over 1,000 UK sales professionals.

According to the research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Pipedrive, UK SMBs are losing the equivalent of £15,000 in sales every month, on average, due to disorganized or inaccurate sales activities.

We should be taking advantage of new, inexpensive sales technology to streamline processes and fuel growth.

So what’s going wrong?

Why are SMB sales companies experiencing a decline in growth despite the incredible recent advances in sales technology?

uk smb sales infographic

Embrace sales automation technology so you can spend more time selling

The technology is available to streamline these processes and cut out these inefficiencies.

Sales professionals and business owners shouldn’t be scared or threatened by new and improved automation technology, as they’ll always be needed to build genuine, lasting human connections with customers. No technology can replicate that relationship, especially for SMB sales reps.

Automation technology allows sales teams to eliminate so much more of their manual, boring and time-consuming admin tasks. As efficiency increases, what’s left is the need to sell. People skills become even more important, which will separate the best businesses from the rest.

With Pipedrive, and the tools that you can integrate with it, you can automate many of the tasks that keep you and your sales team from selling. You can try Pipedrive for free with the 14-day trial.

Crush Your Manual Admin With This Sales Automation Guide

Learn how to take advantage of new sales automation tech so you can spend more time selling

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