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How Tiffany Largie Grew Her Business from Nothing to $2.5 million with Pipedrive

  • Tiffany Largie created a £2.5 million door-to-door sales business with Pipedrive’s help
  • She started as a sole trader and ended with 12 employees in three different offices
  • Tiffany now uses it to manage her training and speaking engagements and encourages attendees to get Pipedrive

Today, Tiffany Largie is a successful, experienced entrepreneur and a sought after business speaker and consultant. When she started her first business in the mid-2000s, however, she was only looking for a way to support her young family.

Since then, Tiffany has created three six-figure businesses, and a seven-figure business, before turning 30. She is now one of the few speakers on the circuit who can talk business-building with a real depth of experience.

Tiffany discovered Pipedrive in 2011 and it has been her constant companion.

“It’s exactly what I need. Pipedrive is not the kind of software where I have to make it work. It’s perfect. It’s created for the salesperson.”

So, why did she choose to use Pipedrive?

The problem Tiffany faced before finding Pipedrive

Although a testament to her skill and determination, Tiffany started her first B2B business out of necessity.

“I started a business, not because I could write code or because I invented a product, but because I needed to stop putting my kids to bed hungry.

“I followed the traditional method of sales, where I would knock on anywhere between 40-50 doors every day in Miami, where I’m from. By the end of the day, I had a lot of business cards.

“At that time there were different kinds of software for people coming into the sales game, but they were always complicated—they required a lot of feeding in data, so I never adopted any.

“I built my first couple of six-figure businesses simply by becoming a master at making notes and sorting business cards.”

Tiffany’s success enabled her to support her family. She had enough money and time to really consider her next step in the world of business.

“I didn’t yet understand the concept of building a business, so I moved to North Carolina and I started a brand new business from scratch, which is really where data and data management became important to me.”

Although she had a knack for real-world client management, when Tiffany started to build a team around her she discovered that many people lacked her organizational skills—which were being stretched.

“There was all this data all over the place. Not only could I not keep up with my own data management, I couldn’t keep up with the people who were working for me. I knew we were leaving money on the table.

“I started hunting for software, but I felt that all these engineers were building software that had great data, but if you really understand the mind of the salesperson they really didn’t work. It was too much to keep up with.”

How Pipedrive proved to be the solution

One of Tiffany’s business partners had recently adopted Salesforce and was encouraging Tiffany to do the same.

“I got Salesforce to do a demonstration and they put a quote on my table worth thousands of dollars. I could have paid for it, but I said ‘this is too complicated’. So I spent endless hours on the internet looking for software that was easier to use and found Pipedrive for a fraction of the price.”

“I couldn’t believe it. I felt like the heavens had parted and a fairy godmother had given me an answer to my prayers.

“I had Pipedrive and Salesforce do a face-off in our company. Salesforce swore they were going to beat Pipedrive, but Pipedrive won by a landslide.

“After that, we did $2 million out of nowhere. Pipedrive became my best friend. I loved it.”

“Offline, we managed about 30 people in and around North Carolina. We gave them an iPad and Pipedrive was the number one tool they had to have loaded on it.

“At that time, they were knocking on 40 doors a day, so we were managing between 150-300 outreaches a day. With Pipedrive, we could handle that data in real-time in a fashion that didn’t require us to do a lot of data entry. Salespeople are not data-entry people.”

Why Pipedrive has proved to be Tiffany’s constant companion

Tiffany sold her company in 2015 and decided to use her experience to teach others.

“Not many people who have owned a business talk about growing a business. I also realized there were no other black women on stage teaching how to start a business.

“I thought ‘I don’t know a thing about coaching, but I definitely know how to build and grow a business, specifically when it comes to sales and marketing.’”

Now, instead of managing people and products, Tiffany was managing event engagements, consulting jobs and speaking offers—but it all boiled down to the same thing: managing prospects and clients.

Although she’d already invested in a CRM, Tiffany realized that she couldn’t use it to manage her offline prospects, because her offline and online engagements often had nothing to do with each other.

So she turned back to Pipedrive.

“We use Pipedrive to manage more than just sales; we have so many different pipelines. All of our efforts are on there: live events, podcasts and interviews and events.

“Don’t try to manage offline connections with an online CRM tool. You’ve got to connect with them first, with a software tool like Pipedrive, which enables you to enter their data yourself.

“It has a fun, sexy user interface that encourages you to move a prospect forward. The way Pipedrive visually looks, it’s smart. It smacks you in the face.”

“That visual aid enables a person who’s not great at managing data to decide what they’re going to do today.”

Tiffany has had so much success with Pipedrive, she’s even advising her clients to do the same.

“It’s literally one of the only things that we recommend you have in order to successfully manage your business.

“We had one of our newer clients, an accounting firm that has been in business for around 20 years, go through an exercise of finding prospects on Pipedrive. After a few hours, the firm’s representative contacted us and said, ‘I just found £135,000 worth of revenue thanks to Pipedrive!’”

To find out more about Tiffany’s story, the events where she will be speaking and her training programs, visit her website here: tiffanylargie.com.

Want to find out how Pipedrive could help you convert more leads into sales? You can try Pipedrive for free for 14 days!

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