You Can Now Upgrade to Our New Detail Views and Smart Email Bcc

For a good part of the year we’ve been working to improve the way Pipedrive handles email. Many of you have used our Bcc drop-box to send emails to Pipedrive, but have been missing some critical features such as getting a clear overview of the incoming emails, the ability to automatically parse forwarded emails or discard logos in signatures. The overly complicated cryptic addresses to Bcc didn't help either.

Today we went live with a couple of big improvements. You can now activate the new Deal, Person and Organization detail views as well as our new Smart email Bcc feature.

2 column new deal detail views Pipedrive


If you’re the type that likes to play around rather than read, go on and activate these features in Settings. For the rest, a quick overview follows.

Emails. Notes. Progress. See everything in one place

Once you’ve activated the new view, you’ll immediately see your deals and contacts in a new way. We’ve gotten rid of the tabs for different types or activities, so now you can see all notes, emails, call or meetings records and files in one timeline.

The new detail pages are quicker to load and they update in real time, without you having to refresh the page.

And when you get to using the new views you’ll probably enjoy the usability improvements we’ve made. Adding notes and files or scheduling new activities requires less clicks and things like moving a deal to another pipeline are now much simpler. The rule of thumb for changing anything in the new views: just click on the thing you want to change.

 Easier way to sync emails into Pipedrive with the smart email Bcc

The new and rebuilt smart email Bcc feature is simpler to use, more reliable and it gives you more control over how emails are linked to deals. Once you upgrade you’ll get a new simple email address you can use to Bcc emails to customers. When there is only one open deal with the recipient, the email will be linked to that deal. When there are several open deals with that person, you can choose which deal the email will be linked to (more on that below).

In addition to Bcc’ing you can forward emails to that address. Similar logic of linking applies when there are open deals with the person whose email address is mentioned. If the person doesn’t yet exist in Pipedrive, a new contact will be created, and it’s really easy to add a new deal for them later.

It’s worth pointing out that each deal will also have deal-specific Bcc address will have the following syntax: - where XXX is deal ID. This is useful when there are multiple deals open with most people you email to.

The default settings for the new smart email Bcc is “Private” ie. your team members will not be able to see emails you have sent to Pipedrive. And you can easily change that in settings. You can also turn off automatic mapping to deals there if you’d rather do that manually.

Find all emails you have copied to Pipedrive in Mailbox

Pipedrive Mailbox
Connect With A Deal

The second big change that meets the eye is the new Mailbox area. In here you’ll see all emails you have Bcc’d or forwarded into Pipedrive. You’ll instantly see which ones have been linked to deals already and which ones not. A small deal icon (bag with a dollar-sign on it. Should we have been more subtle?) will indicate that.

If an email has not been linked to a deal yet, it’s very easy to select a deal or create a new one.

So, this was more than 6 months of work in one short post. If you’d like to use the new email Bcc and detail views, activate them here. If you have any comments or questions, please add a comment below or, better still, contact our support.